Friday, November 30, 2018

Gokul ( Fortune Centre)

Delicious sinful dishes at Gokul Fortune centre
👍their signature Fried Hokkien mee , Char Kway Teow 👍and 😍 paneer masala that we finished the tasty sauce 😈

Yuan Xiang Idealite

Nice value set at $9.90 with drink and salad from Yuan Xiang Idealite at Bugis Village besides Mcdonald.
1st time tried their Bak Kut Tek noodles ~ huge portion with lots of ingredients ~ ✌ worth trying...
Claypot rice ~ yummy stir fry brown rice! put in Claypot. .. marks deducted for not sizzling enough but delicious portion for 2 to share ...
And a must each time of visit is their tempura mushroom that let me not miss them from Taiwan night market stalls anymore because I can always visit them when I have craving for fried mushroom...😄

Friday, November 23, 2018

Soul Veggie

Soul Veggie at 3 Temple street, Chinatown, corner shop house besides Indian temple.

 Accompanying appetiser with dishes...

 We ordered their seaweed rice roll 👍👍👍
nice purple rice with fantastic sauce that enhanced the taste 👍👍👍
We also ordered the Army Stew which we added $2 for  ramen which cannot be exchanged for the accompanying rice. Accompanying rice is Purple rice but it tasted blend compared to the rice roll with sauce.
Both came with a bowl of sweet drink and kimchi.
The sweet drink was too sweet with an unique spice taste that my friend liked but I could not accept it well...😞
Nevertheless, overall quite filling and enjoyable. 😄

Thursday, November 15, 2018

2018 Taipei and Taichung Vegetarian discoveries

Recent Taipei and Taichung Vegetarian foodhunt trip with friends 😀
For details of above foodhunt :

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Maitree Cafe

Nice Mee Hoon Kueh!😊 slim flour pieces with nice soup stock and side dish of sugarcane prawns from Maitree cafe of Jingming 净名佛教中心at Geylang lor27A.

Monday, November 5, 2018

龙门齋 Dragon Gate Vegetarian

Dragon Gate Vegetarian at Chinatown changed owner and new menu poster of Roti Prata caught my attention.
It now has daily menu as well as regular dishes. Distracted from Prata decided to try the recommended Baker Kut Teh Noodles instead.
Hmm, very palatable look of reasonable taste.
Will return to try prata one fine day...

Located at a corner coffee-shop at 39 Temple Street, is at corner of street opp Lucky Chinatown.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Pu Xiang Vegetarian

Another very reasonable priced stall with reasonable quantity and taste! So happy to find $2.50 vegetarian food. I was surprised by the portion and glad I didn't make the decision to up-size when ordering. The lor mee ordered is a good decent portion with traditional taste. Friend recommended their daily special vegetarian fish soup meehoon. I recall their vegetarian shredded chicken Vermicelli cooked like San-mee style was good but available only if recall correctly on Fridays and lunar 1st and 15th.
Was glad that located at the same area of Chinatown complex which is near escalator facing the Buddha Tooth Relics Temple, there are at least 3 Vegetarian stalls including Pu Xiang. Saw also another vegetarian stall near the other end, near CK entrance.  Shall explore more when have time in future... :-)