Thursday, April 24, 2008

Classic Lao Di Fang Vegetarian Restaurant PL

This is my favourite Fried Beancurb (脆皮豆腐). Very nice when taken hot, although it looks like you can swallow a piece in 1 mouthful, pls don't try to do that as the interior is steaming hot. It will hurt your tongue. I wish they could spare more of the special soya sauce which they had cut a small hole at the centre of the beancurb so that the interior could absorb & taste even better.

My favourite Spicy Noodles (麻辣锅烧面). With generous portion of vege, white & red carrots, corn & I must mention their mock meat. Although I generally don't like mock meat (which they call it mock beef here), they had marinated it so well that it tasted excellent. I tried cooking before using the instant frozen product but somehow it taste different:P. And the noodles are nice - soft white fat noodles that goes well with its spicy soup. :-)
Peking Duck (北京烤鸭) A new try today & it turns out to be better than my expectation. The sauce brings out the flavour of the dish but they should provide more of the cucumber & carrot slices as they are not enough for the wraps.
HK Fried Noodles (港式炒面). Was expecting maggie mee type of noodles but it turn out to be my favourite Ee-Fu Noodles (伊付面). Taste wise not fantastic but ok lah.
Others to recommend are their sweet & sour duck pieces (酸甜鸭件) & Dim Sum carrot cakes :-) Yummy.:-)

Was told They are fr MOVING to Hotel Royal @ Queens, 12 Queen Street, #02-03 (near Spore Arts Museum) by end Jun09 to new shop at 9 Penang Rd, #B1-12 Park Mall on 19Jul09.

Fr Aug09, they again moved to 9 Penang Rd, Park Mall, Basement 1, #B1-12, just turn left from the down escalator. :-)-

Tel: 6533 8959
# You may apply for their 10% discount card on-line FOC. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you know where is Queen street? Thanks.

Sunny said...

It is near Bras Basah Rd, Opp Bras Basah Complex, behind SMU Admin Bldg, 1 street away from Spore Arts Museum, near NTUC Trade Union House, NTUC Income Centre.

Try and type in "Hotel Royal @ Queens" and you can easily locate it.
They are opening only on 11 Nov.

Always check their web: for details & it is recommended to get their free membership to get 10% discount on ala carte items.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just went there.

The place is not that difficult to find, but need to know exactly where it is.

Cheers :) crystal