Tuesday, June 24, 2008

随缘素食 (Kopitiam at Tiong Bahru Plaza)

Another visit to 随缘, this round, I ordered its Fried Hokkien Noodles.
So far I hadn't been able to find nice vegetarian Fried Hokkien Noodles and quite disappointed with the few that I tried recently. But surprisingly 随缘did it quite well this round. What's important is the soup/gravy stock to make the Fried Hokkien noodles nice and what I had tried today had a close resemblance to the original Fried Hokkien Noodles taste that I used to like. It would have tasted even better if the noodles had been given time to simmer & absorb the stock. I love their chilli which tasted like the Belachan chilli found in traditional Fried Hokkien Noodles stalls. :-)

Located at Tiong Bahru Plaza Food Court - Kopitiam (3rd level) near entrance.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

素满园 (Suntec City Fountain Food Terrace)

This is like fusion between chinese & western food: Black pepper chicken chop sandwich. The bun is like those plain chinese bun but it goes well with the well-flavoured black pepper sauced mock meat. The sauce is spicy enough:-), fries and the mock meat are also well-fried. I feel full already after finishing 2 buns, so you can either share the 3rd with your friend.:P or 3 can share 1 each as snacks. Can try:-)

It is located near the food court entrance near Pasta Mania.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food 观音斋

This is another great stall selling at $2 with generous portion of mee & ingredients. Its soup noodles, with simple soup whose flavour enhanced with the slices of Sichuan vege and seaweed, comes with my favourite beancurb skin roll, pieces of Tofu and green vege. Really value for money in times of inflation. :-)
I noticed that they also have Special of the Day and I had replicated for your reference:
Mon: Mee Rebus
Tue: Mee Siam
Wed: Longtong
Thurs: Kway Chap
Fri: Herbal Pork Ribs Mee soup
Sat: Lor Mee
Sun: Prawn Mee

It is located at corner coffee shop at Blk134 Geylang East Ave1, 2nd bus stop from Aljunied Mrt. Opposite Tan Swie Hian Museum.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes Natural F&B (悦意坊)

I did not know about this cafe near Aljunied MRT that had opened for more than a year until I read about it from http://ilovemyveg.blogspot.com/. A 2nd recommendation by an Anonymous who left a comment at my blog further aroused my interest in it.

Finally, I had the chance to visit it last week and on recommendation by its warm staff, we tried the following: Pocket Salad which is Pita Bread filled with Alfalfa , cucumber, smoked mock ham and lettuce? with salad cream. Though I am not one who fancies Pita bread, I find the bread quite nice.
This Baked Cheese Noodles is excellent!!! To those who like spaghetti & cheese, you must try this dish which has its upper "crust" like Baked Rice's top and yet underneath is tomato-sauced spaghetti. The cheese on top is excellent!!! cheesy & yet not too much, and the sauce of spaghetti below is just nice & spaghetti well-cooked too... I will return for more...:-)
Lastly, we had the jelly dessert which is to be Funori based, a health food that I have been trying to find recipes for. However, I couldn't find any traces of Funori so I believe they must had it boiled & melted into the red-dates drink and cooled off as jelly. A scoop of organic soy milk is said to be the white sauce on top of the jelly.

Well, I believe I will return to try its other dishes...:-)
I was also told that its bakery had just relocated beside it about 2 months ago.
Their bread looked interesting but too bad I was too full to try then. Next time....
It is located at No. 57, Geylang Lorong 27, Singapore 388184. Tel: 67411580
Opening Hours : 11:30am to 9pm Closed on Wednesday
Its Bakery is at No 55 & opened from Mon- Sun 7.30am - 9pm.
The 2nd Stretch of Shop Houses when you step out of Aljunied MRT from left.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

香香小吃 Vegetarian Pureland

A recent visit to the shop again, this round, I tried its Xiang Xiang Dry Noodles, On 1st look, one would think it is Wanton noodles bec of the mock barbacued pork, but it was served with cauliflowers, mushroom & a piece of soft beancurb, with light sauced thin noodles, a unique creation of its own. I like this barley drink which comes with white fungus, very reasonably-priced at $0.60.

Located at Blk 11 Jalan Bt Merah, #03-4460 (If from Ikea & Safra, turn left & 1 block away from ABC market towards Bt Merah Central direction, or 3 bus-stops away from Bt Merah Inter-change)
Though unit is #03, but it is actually at level 1 to normal eye level & you find 3 impressive looking vegetarian shops side by side.
香香小吃 is closed on Sunday & Public Holidays.

素满园 (Suntec City Fountain Food Terrace)

It had been quite a while since I last visited Suntec City's Basement Foodcourt and was surprised that the original stall near Carrefour entrance (Tower 3 & 4) was no longer there & instead a new stall at the other entrance near McDonald (Tower 1 & 2) opened.
The food looks good & a noodles-lover, I ordered its Spicy Sour Veg. Noodles.
It turned out to be a big plate of yellow noodles with main vege as cauliflowers, the gravy was of Tom Yam taste and also abit of mee goreng taste maybe bec the yellow noodles was used. Taste still reasonable, got Tom Yam taste but not spicy & sour enough for me. For Dry Tom Yam, I would still prefer Pine Tree's Tom Yam Mee Hoon. :P