Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eight Immortals (Bishan Junction 8 Food Junction)

Dumpling Soup Noodles. Unlike what was served at Great World City's, the dumpling ingredients here really looked and tasted like pork from what I could recall its taste! If they add in some chopped water chestnut and parsley, I doubt meat-eaters will be able to differentiate. :P However, the soup for the day was abit salty though.:P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

莲芯茶坊, Lotus Heart Tea House

The Tea House had changed its menu again, valid from 1Nov to 31 Dec 2008. As seen from attached poster picture taken, the new menu features Lamian, Eight Treasures Congee and Peanut Dumpling. I had not tried but the picture on Lamian with mushrooms on top looks appetising. Would love to visit it to try soon but thought of introducing it to you 1st...

Their new web link:

The tea house's operating hours are daily from 9am to 7pm with last order at 6.30pm.

It is located at level 2 of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum which is located at Chinatown: 288 South Bridge Rd, off Sago street or opposite the famous Maxwell food centre, nearest MRT: Outram/Chinatown MRT.

Ming Shan Vegetarian

Located at corner coffeeshop at HDB Block 7, Tanjong Pagar Road, this stall serves mixed rice as well as Lor Mee and Dry Noodles.

I think the standard of vegetarian dry noodles seems to have improved generally. The noodles was well-cooked and fried "vegetarian goose pieces" crispy. It is comforting to see queues for its economical mixed rice dishes which upon request will be served with a big free bowl of soup during lunch hours. A favourite for my non-vegetarian friend who introduced the stall to me. :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lao Di Fang Vegetarian 老地方素食 (Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre)

The stall had moved! It is now located at #02-055. Thanks to a reader, xbb, abt the stall's move and aspired to find out the new location, I went on a brief hunt for it when I was around the area for dinner. It had moved to a secluded area of the hawker centre, understandably due to the great differences in rental (Phew, the difference in rent can be 3 times :P) due to difference in human traffic of location in 1 food centre.

Best way to locate it is to start from the centre escalator. On left of escalator, you could easily see "MingFa Fishball stall" move to its right corner and where you may think that it is the end, you will see a poster on the wall that guides you to stalls 051-098, just dare dare walk towards direction where you thought could be leading to end, you will see another lane of stalls hidden from the human traffic. Happy exploring!!!

Craving for rice instead of the usual noodles, I decided to try their curry chicken rice set. It was served with mixed brown & white rice. The fried mock chicken tasted normal but I love the curry, abit towards Indian curry flavour, should have asked for more to go with the rice. Soup for the day I recall was white carrot and winter melon that melted in your mouth. Simple but nice.

Cong Cong Vegetarian stall at Tiong Bahru Market

Finally had a chance to try its Hor Fun that I long heard about. Was told the chef managed to complete his cooking of Mixed-Rice dishes early, hence could start his "Zhi-Char" early for the day. I could see quite a number of patrons trying the Hor Fun and it do looked good so I too packed home for my lunch.
It is the traditional Cantonese type of Hor Fun. Taste reasonable with generous portion of mushrooms and vegetables and even 2 slices of vegetarian ham. Quite a good portion at $3.

Located at 2nd level food centre, Far left Corner from direction of escalator of Tiong Bahru Market (30 Seng Poh Road), about 2 bus-stop away from Tiong Bahru MRT. Bus: 5, 16, 33, 63, 195, 851

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yuan Wei Quan Vegetarian (YWQ)

Long time since I last visited the stall and a surprise on new addition to their Menu of the day: Mee Siam. :-)

No lime slices provided but the gravy was already spicy & sour enough. It was accompanied with cubes of fried beancurd, taupok and mock goose pieces and they were all so crispy!!! Strongly recommended to try!!!

The food court is located at B1 of HDB Hub. You can either enter thru basement car park entrance or from entrance besides McDonald from Bus interchange.
The stall is located at far right end if from entrance besides McDonald.