Friday, December 21, 2007

佳明素食 (Le Meridien Hotel Food Court)

If I am not wrong, there are only 2 Foodcourts serving vegetarian food in Orchard area. One is the Foodcourt at Takashimaya & the other is this stall at Basement 1 of Le Meridien Hotel. (Building before the Istana)

Hm, really miss the Punggol Mee Goreng so I ordered Mee Goreng that day.

(Mee Goreng)
Well, it will taste better if it could be abit more spicy (I am a chilli-lover:P) & noodles could be simmered a while longer to absorb the taste. But it is hard to master the timing to cook this yellow noodles as if cook for too long will cause it to be soggy. (Do let me know if anyone knows where to get nice vegetarian Punggol mee goreng:P)
However, I do like like the stall's Mock Mutton Noodles as its gravy is something like the satay sauce. Reminds me of the satay meehoon:-P


Anonymous said...

hi sunny, there's another veg food stall at Orchard. It's at the S11 foodcourt behind Centrepoint. It's called JIAMING too!

i never know that le meridien hotel has veg foodstall! will go try out, thanks

Sunny said...

Thanks anonymous,
I will go & try the stall you mentioned.:-)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Le Meridien Hotel foodcourt no more vegetarian food stall since year 2012. Behind Orchard Centerpoint that S11 also no more vegetarian food. Please update.

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for informing.
They were updated with label "Ceased Operation :-(".
Good week ahead! :-)