Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tian Yuan Vegetarian

ZhaJiangMian! Not an actual replicate of the real but with its unique taste and gravy that smooths the noodles. Nice combination that I feel like having a bowl again while putting up this post. Try it!

This Vegetarian Supply Shop - Tian Yuan is hidden at level 2 (#02-23) of Fortune centre, right on 2nd stretch of shops up from the escalator. It takes a bit of effort to look for it but luckily it has a bright sign.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Vegetarian Stall at Singtel Comcentre Cafeteria

Oh it's been a long time since last visit to Orchard Somerset Singtel Comcentre Basement Cafeteria and Daily special on day of visit is one of my favourite ~ Laksa !
Yummy! The taste is still as good at $2.50 only.
And the vendor still remember I always like to upsize to $3. Haha, a filling and hearty spicy meal...:-)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zai Xing Zhai Vegetarian Food 再兴斋素食

At 71 Seng Poh Road corner coffee shop, just opposite the carpark exit of the popular Tiong Bahru Market, there is discovery of a vegetarian stall selling authentic traditional fried meehoon and fried stuff.

The Vermicelli/Mee hoon is well fried with authentic taste (古早味道). They have instant mock products such as vegetarian hamburger patties, mock sausage that really tasted like real, as well as own-made bean curd skin rolls with mushroom. A good stall to try if you miss "Fried Ngoh Hiang"... Oh their chilli sauce is great!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mei Jing Vegetarian Food

The Stir-fry noodles dishes such as Fried Hokkien noodles at Mei Jing Vegetarian is worth trying. Good presentation and quite authentic taste at $3 is very reasonable priced in today's economy.
If you are pure vegetarian,  do remember to tell them no eggs to be added when you order.

Mei Jing Vegetarian stall #01-76, is located at the market's food centre just infront of Blk 40 Havelock Road, 2 streets away from Tiong Bahru Plaza. It opens early around 7am to 4pm daily and rests on Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vegetarian comics

Was told this nice comics from unknown sources was around for years already,  but I had missed it til now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Friendly Vegetarian Food

Had always passed by this vegetarian stall, Friendly Vegetarian Food, at corner coffee shop near the main road of lorong 25 Geylang road (stretch of shop houses near Aljunied MRT ).
It sells economical rice dishes and stir-fry dishes with Daily special. On day of visit, the Daily Special was Dumpling Soup Noodles which was tempting to me.
Well, the dumplings were those instant off-shelf frozen dumplings with traditional slim noodles that went well together but what added points was the soup! It was herbal soup base rather than normal soup and won my Like for the dish.:-)
Can see "heart" put in by the cook when preparing the dish so may visit again to try other dishes. :-)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chang You Fu Vegetarian (Centrepoint Kopitiam Food Court)

Was glad to know a new Vegetarian stall, Chang You Fu Vegetarian, opened at Orchard Centrepoint Food court so decided to pop by while at Orchard. Located at centre of the stretch of stalls, it sells economical rice dishes as well as Stir-fry dishes. Since it had a big poster on its San-Mee, that shall be the order.
Well, taste wise was average but the stall would be a good alternative veggie choice for shoppers around the area.