Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bright Hill Temple

I had always heard that the Rice Dumplings at Bright Hill Temple are tasty but no chance to try them until recently visited the temple during Qing Ming Festival and there outside their Dining Hall, there is a stall selling steamed Rice Dumplings.
And sparing no chance, I bought some home. And Yummy they are, it's the kind of Hokkien version whereby the rice itself is well-marinated and tasty and the rice was well cooked to be Springy! The filling with mock meat, ginkgo, and mushrooms, etc. were flavourful, making overall bite delicious.
Don't miss it when you next visit the temple & Eat it When Hot!!! :-)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Loving Heart Cafe

Good to have meals with friends so can try more dishes. A must try Claypot beancurd & their Spicy Barbacue Fish. The claypot dish consists of well-fried soft beancurd and many accompanying vegetables with a nice gravy that goes well with their well-cooked soft brown rice. The unappetising looking fish slices were surprisingly crispy and tasted good. The chilli's abit dry but with the beancurd gravy, it tasted fantastic and no regrets ordering the two. Very appetising! Will return for more... :P

Located at Blk134, Geylang East Ave1, #01-219, same HDB block as Kwan inn Vegetarian Food.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gokul (Fortune Centre)

Finally returned to try their Mutton Murtabha which the exterior skin was much drier & crispier than their Sardine Murtabha last tried. Its interior was much curry flavoured, making overall a nice flavorful bite. Look simple but worth trying.:-)
Tried their Masala tea but I think I still prefer their Lassi drinks...