Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ru Lai Zhai Vegetarian Food

Thinking our blue-chaser class started last week, we arrived there to discover we had both made a mistake, H & I proceeded to Ru Lai Zhai for a relaxing dinner instead. Ordered their Mee Hoon Goreng & Claypot Bean curd. Well, they miraculously served both dishes just after we had placed order for drink again. Speed must be their motto. :P

The Mee Hoon Goreng tasted more like Fried Tom Yam Mee Hoon to me instead as the spicy chilli was more to the Tom Yam chilli sourness taste. The Claypot bean curd was superb, the type of braised smooth bean curd that I adore, and that brown gravy was appetising that we used to lower the Tom Yam-ness of the mee hoon. :-)

Ru Lai Zhai is located at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road corner Coffee-shop #01-51 (near multi-storey car-park).
Opens daily 8am-9pm except day after 1st & 15th of Lunar month.

2 comments: said...

These look so good! I wish I could get the recipes. I have been looking for vegetarian asian food - all of the vegetarian stuff I have been eating are mostly pasta and grilled zuchini. I am dying to branch out.

Sunny said...

Just come over to Singapore, the International Food Paradise ,to sample & get some good recipes.