Saturday, August 3, 2019

Yi Ping Shu

Friend recommended this stall at rear end of Lor 29 Coffee-shop that has daily special as well.
Decided on Mee Hoon Kway. Quite nice soup and texture of the flour pieces. Though if portion can be slightly bigger would be appreciated.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Vegetarian Food at Circuit Road Food Centre!

It's really convenient with Mattar mrt!
From exit B, one can see the popular food centre praised by many vegetarians.
My friend brought me to his favourite stall which serves his favourite nasi lemak available only on Saturdays. (On right stretch if coming from mrt direction)
Rice really fragrant and well cooked. And I like the Achar and the panda leave wrapped chicken ?
Can try again when have craving for nasi lemak.  ðŸ˜Š
Friend recommended a soup stall after we finished the nasi lemak and wanted to look for something soupy. It is on the left stretch of the food centre when coming from direction of Mattar mrt exit B.
They have pumpkin corn soup other than the vegetarian shark fin soup we tried at $3 per bowl.
Thumbs up 👍👍got restaurant standard or much better than the one served by a  restaurant  I visited recently 😐
Being served on such porcelain bowls also added more points !! 😁

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Vegetarian Food fair at Orchard!

今天10am-5pm! 会在义安城广场有美味的素食义卖喔😊💖
Today from 10am-5pm there will be vegetarian food fair 💖😍at Orchard Ngee Ann  City Plaza as part of Vesak celebration by SBF.💖
Nice local delights. Recommend corner stall near stage their Herbal Soup Kway chap. Jixiangsu has their popular chicken rice and porridge. And popiah nice!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Yuan Xiang Idealite

Always enjoyed salad at Yuan Xiang Idealite (at Bugis village besides Mcdonald ) as their sauce is excellent.

 Their signature burger sauce is great too! 😊
Was recommended this healthy vege soup ramen which we added another mini ramen.
Those who love healthy food will like this dish.
Thumbs up up 👍👍for the meal! 😀

Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant

Thunder tea Charcoal Hotpot at New Fut Kai.
Like their fried monkey head mushroom that comes with it. Overall quite nice, worth trying for those who like Thunder tea. 😊

Located at 282 Jalan Besar , S'pore 208945
(Diagonally left front stretch of shop houses from Jalan Besar Swimming Complex, next to Cityhub Hotel.) Buses stopping just in front of Cityhub Hotel: SBS 23,64,65,66,130,139,147, SMRT 67,857
Opening hours: 10am-2.45pm; 5pm-9.30pm. Tel: 6398 0836

Sunday, February 24, 2019


After seeing its signage for weeks, finally it opened! The Japanese Fusion Vegetarian at Havelock road food centre #01-27.
Taste nice for 5. Udon soup with fried fish slices.
They offer free miso soup of reasonable taste too.
Opens mon-sat for breakfast from around 7.30-8am & lunch hours only.

Besides this new stall, there is an existing Chinese uncle selling Indian Vegetarian food- curry briyani mee goreng and roti pratas at Havelock road food centre.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

一心素食 Yi Xin Vegetarian, Chinatown

Visited Yixin Vegetarian at Chinatown.
Good recommendation by friend on a dish not on their menu ~ 红烧刀削面。。。HongShao knife sliced noodles!  It may be spicy for some who may not be able to take spicy food. As spicy as their popular Penang laksa without the sourness and sinfully oily but  yet one will return for it again. 👍👍👍😉
Today rice dishes are delicious looking too so I ordered their beautiful and tasty fried vegetables which tasted 👍👍when hot.