Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pine Tree (Food Junction at Bugis)

Guess what is the brown item on the plate? No, it is not fried squid (though it looked like in picture:P). It is actually vegetarian fried drumstick. Freshly out from the kitchen, I couldn't resist adding it to my Sambal Fried Rice with Petai!Being just out from kitchen, it is crispy with well-fried coat of flour and the best part is its interior contains my favourite beancurb skin. Its "bone" support is actually sugarcane and not ice-cream stick, so at $1 per piece, I think it is worth trying. The brown stuff on it tasted like mashed ginger, very unique. I found out that they have quite nice mixed-rice dishes and that included fried cereal prawns that looked yummy!
Ok, back to the sambal fried rice with petai...
Well, you can taste sambal in the rice. Though not spicy, I like the taste of its soft rice. I wish they had marinated the petai with sambal chilli more, I can still feel the aftertaste after a day:P. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the meal:-) though it will be ages before I will dare taste petai again... Now I understand why Crystal mentioned that it needs strong accompaniments to mask its taste.

The Food court is located at 3rd level of Bugis Junction, and the stall is just beside the centre escalator.

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Sunny said...

Sad to inform this stall had closed down:-(