Thursday, December 18, 2014


At this new NatureCafe located at new building just beside Tai Pei Buddhist Centre (near Lavender MRT),  it will be a good choice for Vegetarians visiting the area.
In a cosy relaxing decor,  it serves a good variety of Asian and Western Fusion Vegetarian dishes.

We were glad to find Green Curry Kway Teow and Curry Fish with Rice and ordered them.

Though the presentation of the green curry is not good as it looked somehow powdery, the gravy tasted good, mild sweet and mild spicy. Its thin version of Kway Teow goes well with the green curry. Overall, I would recommend trying.
The curry fish dish was much better in presentation and the gravy tasted authentic and great to go with the rice! It's a pity that the mock fish pieces tasted kind of not well de-frozed so they were kind of chewy. The rest of accompanying vegetables like the egg-plant and lady-fingers were well cooked in nice portion. So, also a recommended curry dish to try.

On a separate visit, had also tried their Tom Yam Soup dish but that needs much much improvement in its spicy and sourness to make it as good as the rating of its curry.
(above is snapshot of Udon Soup with Fried Cutlet from menu)
(This is actual serving of Udon Soup with Fried Cutlet)

The picture on Udon Soup with Fried Cutlet on its menu (the more appetising snapshot on top) attracted an order but was disappointed when it came as it looked pathetic in comparison.
The pieces of Cutlet were soggy from soaking in the soup and not as well-fried and appetising. I would recommend they put it on a different plate next time they serve the dish. The prawns that looked attractive on picture were much smaller and drowned in the bowl bottom before being found with much digging and tasted like not well de-frozed yet.
Luckily the mild spicy soup that tasted better than its Tom Yam Soup saved the dish.
Despite the 2 disappointments, there are many other choices still available on the menu for future trial like their Baked rice or pasta which I hope is served with Vegetarian cheese and their satay that served on other tables looked appetizing.
A nice cozy cafe for gathering and will definitely return when there's craving for curry.  :-))
NatureCafe is located on left side of main entrance of building beside Taipei Buddhist centre, near Lavender MRT.
12 Kallang Ave, #01-28, Tel: 6702 3962.
Opens Daily from 10am. Last order at 9.15pm.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lan Xiang Yuan Vegetarian (Koufu, Commonwealth MRT)

Black Pepper Pork Chop! On a Hugh plate, it did look palatable and overall it is quite nice. Its black pepper sauce was okay, not too spicy with mock meat platter of Soya Bean base. Too bad it is not the cheesy type that the predecessor used to make with. The bun was actually my favourite on the dish as it was not the usual plain type but with a marinated taste in the center and it was most likely pan-fried before served. Points would be added if the beans are served warm. Nevertheless, still worth trying if one miss Western food at reasonable price...

This stall is located near side entrance of Koufu Foodcourt beside Commonwealth MRT.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vegetarian Fiesta!

Vegetarian lovers!
You will be spoilt for choices if you drop off  Aljunied MRT on 16 Nov, Sun, 9am-5pm.
First, a few steps from Aljunied MRT,
BL Food & Fun Fair comprises of various Vegetarian delights.

Then,  stroll further down to Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery for Ren Ci Vegetarian Food Fiesta!
I would recommend their Lor Mee on left side of hall n the Abbot 's stall!  At back of hall, delicious Sri Lankan pumpkin curry with prata at only $2! Many nice items to consider... 

Have a Happy time!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Life Vegetarian

Daily special on Happy Life Vegetarian's menu ~ Fish Porridge.
Looked appetising enough for order. It's Teochew style of fish porridge, with hot soup poured over cooked rice. So, the soup base is important. The soup taste is just nice for me on a hot day. It is not salty, more to blend flavour, just like typical teochew porridge with light taste. Well, if the usual salty pieces of pickles are added, it will add more authenticity and flavour. A pity the well fried mock fishes are not the bean curd skin type that I like but overall, already quite an enjoyable plain dish for a change. :-)

It is located at corner coffee shop at Blk134 Geylang East Ave1, #01-229, 2nd bus stop from Aljunied Mrt. Opposite Tan Swie Hian Museum. Happy Life Vegetarian is located at the right corner, inside same coffee-shop which hosted Kwan Inn Vegetarian (KIV) for those who knew KIV better.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

慈缘轩 (Ci Yan Xuan) Chinatown

A tasty healthy dish can always be expected from Ci Yan Xuan.
The Mixed Fruit Noodles new on menu is appetising! Smooth noodles with appetising tomato sauce gravy and cubes of fruits & vegetables is really enticing on a hot day.

Address: 8 Smith Street (shop house near end of Food Street)
Tel: 6225 9026 (If you want to confirm menu of the day:P)
Usual Opening Hours: 12pm-9.30pm 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tian Yuan Vegetarian

ZhaJiangMian! Not an actual replicate of the real but with its unique taste and gravy that smooths the noodles. Nice combination that I feel like having a bowl again while putting up this post. Try it!

This Vegetarian Supply Shop - Tian Yuan is hidden at level 2 (#02-23) of Fortune centre, right on 2nd stretch of shops up from the escalator. It takes a bit of effort to look for it but luckily it has a bright sign.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Vegetarian Stall at Singtel Comcentre Cafeteria

Oh it's been a long time since last visit to Orchard Somerset Singtel Comcentre Basement Cafeteria and Daily special on day of visit is one of my favourite ~ Laksa !
Yummy! The taste is still as good at $2.50 only.
And the vendor still remember I always like to upsize to $3. Haha, a filling and hearty spicy meal...:-)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zai Xing Zhai Vegetarian Food 再兴斋素食

At 71 Seng Poh Road corner coffee shop, just opposite the carpark exit of the popular Tiong Bahru Market, there is discovery of a vegetarian stall selling authentic traditional fried meehoon and fried stuff.

The Vermicelli/Mee hoon is well fried with authentic taste (古早味道). They have instant mock products such as vegetarian hamburger patties, mock sausage that really tasted like real, as well as own-made bean curd skin rolls with mushroom. A good stall to try if you miss "Fried Ngoh Hiang"... Oh their chilli sauce is great!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mei Jing Vegetarian Food

The Stir-fry noodles dishes such as Fried Hokkien noodles at Mei Jing Vegetarian is worth trying. Good presentation and quite authentic taste at $3 is very reasonable priced in today's economy.
If you are pure vegetarian,  do remember to tell them no eggs to be added when you order.

Mei Jing Vegetarian stall #01-76, is located at the market's food centre just infront of Blk 40 Havelock Road, 2 streets away from Tiong Bahru Plaza. It opens early around 7am to 4pm daily and rests on Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vegetarian comics

Was told this nice comics from unknown sources was around for years already,  but I had missed it til now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Friendly Vegetarian Food

Had always passed by this vegetarian stall, Friendly Vegetarian Food, at corner coffee shop near the main road of lorong 25 Geylang road (stretch of shop houses near Aljunied MRT ).
It sells economical rice dishes and stir-fry dishes with Daily special. On day of visit, the Daily Special was Dumpling Soup Noodles which was tempting to me.
Well, the dumplings were those instant off-shelf frozen dumplings with traditional slim noodles that went well together but what added points was the soup! It was herbal soup base rather than normal soup and won my Like for the dish.:-)
Can see "heart" put in by the cook when preparing the dish so may visit again to try other dishes. :-)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chang You Fu Vegetarian (Centrepoint Kopitiam Food Court)

Was glad to know a new Vegetarian stall, Chang You Fu Vegetarian, opened at Orchard Centrepoint Food court so decided to pop by while at Orchard. Located at centre of the stretch of stalls, it sells economical rice dishes as well as Stir-fry dishes. Since it had a big poster on its San-Mee, that shall be the order.
Well, taste wise was average but the stall would be a good alternative veggie choice for shoppers around the area.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Graces Court Vegetarian

Had a recent visit to Graces Court Vegetarian, one of the pioneer vegetarian restaurants in Singapore.  

Love their Laksa, and soup of the day~ authentic Black bean soup!

Their spicy dishes such as Sambal KangKong & Brinjal were dishes not to miss ordering for spicy lovers!

Love their Sweet & Sour Fish & Prawn balls! Well fried, crispy & fantastic sauce that enhances one's appetite.
Oh their Wolfberry vegetable soup was also a surprise to taste so refreshing.
And their White Fungus dessert so full of ingredients and tasty to end the meal with.
Located at 12 Queen Street, Hotel Royal @ Queens #02-03, their Ala Carte Lunch buffet at S$16.50 nett during weekdays and S$17.60 nett during weekend, Lunar 1st & 15th & Public Holidays is definitely value for $.
Service and ambience was good too for a gathering.
It is advisable to make reservation for weekends.

Opens daily from 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Contact: 6238 5085

Monday, August 25, 2014

素满园 (Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura)

Sometimes Simplicity is the best.
Over the counter economical rice dishes ~ fresh green Kailan and mushroom...
And a bowl of hot soup to accompany the rice is heaven for a rush dinner. :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tian Yuan Vegetarian

Love  this from Tian Yuan too!
Nice Vegetarian Fish Mee Hoon Soup with good grinded ginger juice taste with fried beancurb skin mock fish pieces, ikan bilis and big yam pieces! The strong ginger soup is a Perfect remedy soup for warming one's stomach.

This Vegetarian Supply Shop - Tian Yuan is hidden at level 2 (#02-23) of Fortune centre, right on 2nd stretch of shops up from the escalator. It takes a bit of effort to look for it but luckily it has a bright sign.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

健康斋素食 Vegetarian Food, Hong Lim Complex Food centre

This stall won the vote of M who will make an effort to buy their Rojak whenever  she is around Hong Lim complex. But the rojak is really worth trying without peanuts by default, and with good portion of fruits and crispy fritters. The sauce used is excellent, being refreshing and appetizing! It is  available generally only after 12.30pm.
The stall is at #01-49 (facing the market) of Hong Lim Complex Food centre. It is closed on Sundays.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A9S Heliren 和利仁

Another new Healthy Vegetarian choice at Raffles Place!
A friend introduced this vegetarian salad fruit juice bar, A9S, in The Arcade, Raffles place which opened barely a month ago. With the vision and mission of promoting vegetarian diet to the working people there, their price is very reasonable, considering the high cost of fresh ingredients and high rental in the CBD area.

They have S$5.90 set salad with 5 standard toppings. Each set caters for specific intent, e.g., Fiber Salad for a smoother stomach to pass motion, Detox Salad for 'over-eating of unhealthy stuff', Zoom Salad for energising oneself with more protein and calcium intake, Fruity-Nutty Salad is lighter for 'dessert' and 'social' meals.
Alternatively, one may have own choice of 6 toppings out of the 36 selections at $7.90.
The friendly staff will be there to advise their various home-made dressings  (was told there is choice of sweet & sour and even of spicy taste!) to match with the chosen salad.

For thick soup lovers, I would strongly recommend trying their home made Soup of the day! Currently they only serve mushroom or broccoli soup for a start and was told they were popular and sold out fast daily.
It was Mushroom soup for day of visit and I was pleasantly surprised with the thick broth of the mushroom soup especially when I was told it was cream-free. At $3.50 or $3 with order of salad, it is certainly worth the price.
With the big bowl of salad and soup, it is certainly a healthy nutritious filling meal. 

A good choice for the stomach to get started for the week, especially after partying over the weekend or when one feels that a healthy meal is to be consumed. 

Out of curiosity as the name of the shop does not sound like one for a salad bar business, I managed to understand from the boss its origin.
We were impressed with his interesting explanation!
By breaking up the third Chinese character "Ren" (仁), it signifies 2 persons which represents the business is the combined effort of him & his wife mutually supporting each other.
By breaking up the 2nd character "Li" (利 ), it signifies a platform (刂 ) for serving plant food (禾).
By breaking up the 1st character "He" (和), it signifies eating plant food.
So in combination it is a husband & wife business providing a platform for serving plant based food for all to taste.
And 'A9S' simply stands for "Always Nice'...

A9S is located at #01-04 near rear of The Arcade, right turn after florist. 
Opens from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food 观音斋

Besides their famous Laksa,  Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food has other nice dishes such as this Spinach noodles tried. Though it did not look presentable with much ingredients,  the noodles serving was Hugh and QQ springy with nice gravy that won my heart. Will definitely return when I have cravings for good dry noodles. :-)

It is located at corner coffee shop at Blk134 Geylang East Ave1, 2nd bus stop from Aljunied Mrt. Opposite Tan Swie Hian Museum.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant

This is the Xing Hua Vegetarian Restaurant located opposite OG Albert at Bugis Area.
It is well renovated compared to its other outlets. We tried their Stir-fry Hor Fun and was pleasantly  surprised with the wok feel taste available.
The salad sushi was also fresh, tasty and crunchy. The better ambience and service compared to its other outlets made our dining there an enjoyable experience so even though its price may be slightly higher compared to its other outlets, it is still worthwhile. :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Replacing Sunrise bakery,  Hotcakes (managed by younger generation of Gokul ),  also has a cosy concept to serve eggless cakes and coffee.
It currently has only a few main dishes on its menu, including Salad, Rojak Penang,  Burger and Pizza. 
(Claimed without onion and garlic)
The pizza, either garden (like Hawaiian ) or spicy mutton, at $7 is definitely value for money. Tasty for spicy lovers  with good portion of ingredients. 
The rojak sauce was authentic, though it could be nicer if the fried fritters could be kept crispier. 
The cheese-cakes were nice too,  hope they could have non coffee beverages like cocoa or tea  to go with for non coffee drinkers in future.
A good point to compliment is their friendly good service of serving water to customers,  even to customers waiting for Takeaways!
A good cosy place for consideration to have Hi-tea with even non-Vegetarian friends.
Was told they are likely to add Vegan options by end of month too. Will certainly return to try. : -) 

Hotcakes is located at level 1 of Fortune centre, near the office tower entrance, stretch opposite the Crystal shop, near Tracy Juice. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Southern Palace Vegetarian Restaurant 南普坨素食

Was looking for drinks nearby when visiting new ABS building at Lor 37 Geylang that we noticed a corner Vegetarian coffee-shop at opposite street, Lor 40, Geylang.
Adventurous us crossed the busy street to have a look. Good variety of vegetarian dishes including economical rice, prawn mee and Indian Rojak, etc! Glutton me did not stop for drink only but ordered some pieces of the Indian Rojak to try.
Liked its Fried Tempeh...
Good vegetarian option for vegetarians around the area as I had always thought the nearest vegetarian eatery to ABS building would be Kwan Inn Zhai or Rice House around Lor 29.

New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant

Fantastic Vegetarian Sweet & Sour Pork Rice!
The sweet & sour sauce is authentic and though the filling does not taste like meat, it is nice by itself without resemblance to meat taste.
A dish I will order again in future visits... :-)

Located at 282 Jalan Besar , Spore 208945
(Diagonally left front stretch of shop houses from Jalan Besar Swimming Complex, next to Cityhub Hotel.)
Buses stopping just in front of Cityhub Hotel: SBS 23,64,65,66,130,139,147, SMRT 67,857
Opening hours: 10am-2.45pm; 5pm-9.30pmTel: 6398 0836 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ci Wen Vegetarian

Further down from Ang Mo Kio Hub, located at a corner of corner coffee-shop at HDB Blk 721, between Jubilee Square and Djitsun Mall, Ci Wen Vegetarian sells a good variety of vegetarian dishes. It has a number of Daily specials and Vegetarian Chicken Rice and Ban Mian were on the menu of our visiting day.
Due to the crowd, I think the standard may not had met as the Ban Mian noodles were not been well cooked but the soup stock was good with mild herbal taste.
However, the vegetarian chicken rice was excellent. It was beautifully served with fantastic flavoured rice that resembles a good chicken rice.  The chicken rice chilli was good resemblance too though the beautifully chopped chicken pieces tasted average.
I won't mind trying their vegetarian chicken rice again... 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

园香素食 Yuan Xiang Vegetarian

Craving for supper and a good place for consideration will be Yuan Xiang Vegetarian near Boon Keng MRT  which opens till 10.30pm.
We had Stir Fried Hor Fun and Cereal Pumpkin instead of Cereal prawns. Good choice as the pumpkin pieces were well marinated and well fried. Nice and crispy! Recommended to try!
The Hor Fun was well done too with a little wok feel.: -) An enjoyable supper.: -)

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian is located at coffee-shop opposite 29 Bendemeer Road (Bendemeer market), near Exit B of Boon Keng MRT.
Opening hours: 10am-3pm, 5pm-10.30pm.