Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A9S Heliren 和利仁

Another new Healthy Vegetarian choice at Raffles Place!
A friend introduced this vegetarian salad fruit juice bar, A9S, in The Arcade, Raffles place which opened barely a month ago. With the vision and mission of promoting vegetarian diet to the working people there, their price is very reasonable, considering the high cost of fresh ingredients and high rental in the CBD area.

They have S$5.90 set salad with 5 standard toppings. Each set caters for specific intent, e.g., Fiber Salad for a smoother stomach to pass motion, Detox Salad for 'over-eating of unhealthy stuff', Zoom Salad for energising oneself with more protein and calcium intake, Fruity-Nutty Salad is lighter for 'dessert' and 'social' meals.
Alternatively, one may have own choice of 6 toppings out of the 36 selections at $7.90.
The friendly staff will be there to advise their various home-made dressings  (was told there is choice of sweet & sour and even of spicy taste!) to match with the chosen salad.

For thick soup lovers, I would strongly recommend trying their home made Soup of the day! Currently they only serve mushroom or broccoli soup for a start and was told they were popular and sold out fast daily.
It was Mushroom soup for day of visit and I was pleasantly surprised with the thick broth of the mushroom soup especially when I was told it was cream-free. At $3.50 or $3 with order of salad, it is certainly worth the price.
With the big bowl of salad and soup, it is certainly a healthy nutritious filling meal. 

A good choice for the stomach to get started for the week, especially after partying over the weekend or when one feels that a healthy meal is to be consumed. 

Out of curiosity as the name of the shop does not sound like one for a salad bar business, I managed to understand from the boss its origin.
We were impressed with his interesting explanation!
By breaking up the third Chinese character "Ren" (仁), it signifies 2 persons which represents the business is the combined effort of him & his wife mutually supporting each other.
By breaking up the 2nd character "Li" (利 ), it signifies a platform (刂 ) for serving plant food (禾).
By breaking up the 1st character "He" (和), it signifies eating plant food.
So in combination it is a husband & wife business providing a platform for serving plant based food for all to taste.
And 'A9S' simply stands for "Always Nice'...

A9S is located at #01-04 near rear of The Arcade, right turn after florist. 
Opens from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

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