Friday, September 27, 2013

Yes Natural F&B (Retail & Bakery)

It's been a long while since I pass by Geylang Lor27 stretch (2nd stretch of shop houses near Aljunied MRT) & I was impressed by the renovated Yes Natural Retail shop which now is just side by side with its Bakery & Restaurant.
The product shelves are now much better organised from last visit and wide variety and choice of similar Vegetarian products of different brands such as the range of tidbits shown in picture which also have improvements in packaging.

Likewise is their improved bakery presentation of vegetarian bread, it is getting more popular and does not lose out in taste to non-vegetarian version.
Cheers to more vegetarian bread & pastry choices...

Yes Natural Super-mart, Bakery & Restaurant are located at 51-57 Lorong 27 Geylang, Singapore 388184

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Angel's Bistro


Located at 28 Stanley Street, it is just a street across from Amoy food centre near Tanjong Pagar MRT. On day of visit during lunch hours, it was hard to find a seat.  
They have regular Daily menu and even samples displayed at the cashier to facilitate orders. Their sets for Teriyaki Sauce Tofu Steak Brown Rice and Wholemeal Noodles with Almond Sauce attracted our order.
The Teriyaki sauce was kind of too overwhelming and salty that affected our appreciation of the tofu steak but goes well with the plain brown rice and the fresh vegetables with the red ginger slices saved the dish.
C finds the almond sauce salty to her taste but we will still likely return to try other popular dishes such as its Vietnamese roll that looked healthy and nice which in consideration that we may not be able to finish the meal sets, decided to leave it for next visit.
It is definitely a good option for Vegetarians working around the area as I even bumped into 2 friends working around the area unexpectedly who commented they are regular patrons and liked the food there.:-O

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Econ Vegetarian Food


Located at Food Loft, a coffee-shop near the junction traffic light opposite Aljunied MRT, Econ Vegetarian locates at the centre with a bright eye-catching signboard.
Missing western food, I was there with much expectation. I ordered a set meal for Black-pepper sauced chop that came with mushroom soup and a mango pudding dessert. The presentation was nice and considerate with delivery of bottles of pepper, tomato and chilli sauce as well. However, I was kind of disappointed with the patty which tasted just like those common instant frozen products but I liked their accompanying fresh salad and appetising coleslaw. I would recommend their Black-pepper sauced Spaghettis instead. The Spaghettis was well-done and smooth and the accompanying black pepper sauce was well-mixed. The sauce came with a mild spiciness initially that gets stronger as it reaches your stomach so it is appetising for a spicy lover but be prepared to drink lots of water for the after-effect and again I like their accompanying salad! :P
For non spicy lover, you may try their tomato-sauced version which I saw a patron ordered which looked nice in presentation too. Perhaps I will return to try that next time. :-)

 The stall is available from 11am-8pm daily except Tuesday.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Loving Heart Cafe

Returning to try more dishes, too many choices from their menu so seeing a lot of patrons ordered their Fish Soup Meehoon which looked good, I followed suit. Well-fried mock fish with hugh piece of seaweed and the addition of a preserved plum for the light flavoured soup made it a good dish to try.  
Their Laksa comes with thick gravy that is spicy and sinful and gives one the impression if sip too much of it may cause bad stomach-ache later (due to the heatiness from the spiciness) and Yet one would still risk taking it. Only setback is it did not come sizzling hot and the meehoon had not fully absorb the gravy or else it will be real robust.

Located at Blk134, Geylang East Ave1, #01-219, same HDB block as Kwan inn Vegetarian Food.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ahmed Khan Restaurant

Located at coffeeshop beside Komala, opposite Farrer Park MRT exit A, C recommended the chapati at this last stall nearest to the drink counter at the shop that sells vegetarian dishes as well previously introduced to her by her Indian friend.
Freshly made naan (top left) , chapati (right bottom) of 2nd picture and Tandoori Roti (semi-circle) at $1 per piece with dishes of spinach gravy with bean curds (smooth) and dish of cauliflower with green peas (nice) at $2 each. Good texture chewy naan (softer vs chapati) and chapati (more chewy) prompted us to try their Tandoori Roti which the texture is similar as naan but much crispier. Good Try, strongly recommend!
Not sure if the roti comes in cutted half pieces or the friendly owner is very considerate to help us cut it in half for us to share for our 2nd order. We like the dishes too, in good portion and according to the owner, most of his vegetarian dishes (about 6 to choose from) are without onion and garlic which I am glad to enjoy but do ask in advance which are the ones before you order if you do not take onion & garlic as well.
The stall opens daily around 11am-11pm.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Had long heard about Piore, a new healthy vegetarian place that I finally touch base with & I was surprised to see such a nice Vegetarian supply cum eatery shop in a HDB block.
As it was near closing time, their Daily specials were sold out and a couple of attractive dishes such as the Baked Cheese Pasta & Pizza were not available. Only Tom Yum Fried Noodles/Mee hoon & Miso Soup noodles were left. The Tom Yum Fried Noodles was a good choice. It looked yummy & tasty with Taiwanese Lamian used as the noodles and it tasted good with well cooked texture. The Tom Yum paste was not spicy but appetising and a good portion of ingredients such as caixin, tomatoes and slices of monkey-head mushrooms with other mock products made it into an attractive dish.
And they have good service including serving free refillable drinking water which may be vinegar water or lemongrass drinks depending on supply.
Certainly will return to try other dishes such as its Daily special of Wonton noodles, Laksa, etc. which a regular there recommended. :-)

Located at Blk3, Queens's Road, #02-163, Spore 260003 near the Farrer MRT & food market.
Tel: 64744047. Opens ard 11am-7.30pm. Closes on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


A newspaper notice by Spore Buddhist Lodge on the Celebration Day of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (Dizang Pusa) on 4 Sep 2013 and advocates Vegetarian.
It welcomes all Buddhist & non Buddhists to visit its temple premise for free vegetarian food.
And from 4 Sep - 22 Oct 2013, 10% discount will be provided to patrons with the attached notice coupons at following Vegetarian Restaurants .

Graces Court Cuisine 鸿阁素食馆
Hotel Royals@Queens
12 Queen Street, #02-03
Spore 188553
Tel: 8238 5085

Miao Yi 妙益素食楼
587 Bukit Timah Rd Coronation Shopping Plaza
#03-01/02 Spore 269707
Tel: 6467 1331

Ci Yan Xuan 慈缘轩
8 Smith Street Spore 058917 (shop house near end of Food Street)
Tel: 6225 9026

Happy Realm Vegetarian Restaurant 素食林
100 Eu Tong Sen Street,
#03-16 Pearls Centre, Spore 059812
(The building near Outram MRT)

Tel: 6222 6141

Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant 佛有缘素食馆
20 Geylang Lorong 1, Spore 388712
Tel: 6744 8009

So lets make them your venue for next gathering!
(you may click on the restaurant name links on posts of them)

Spore Buddhist Lodge is also encouraging other interested vegetarian restaurants to join in this discount drive for future Celebration Days by contacting them at tel: 6737 2630. Do join in to encourage vegetarian patrons... ;-)