Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lao Di Fang Vegetarian 老地方素食 (Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre)

I do like their Fried Hong Kong Noodles, simple with plenty of shredded cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts, vegetarian ham. A very big plate with a light taste that goes well with its belachan type of chilli. :-)

The stall had moved to #02-055. It had moved to a secluded area of the hawker centre. Best way to locate it is to start from the centre escalator. On left of escalator, you could easily see "MingFa Fishball stall" move to its right corner and where you may think that it is the end, you will see a poster on the wall that guides you to stalls 051-098, just dare dare walk towards direction where you thought could be leading to end, you will see another lane of stalls hidden from the human traffic. Happy exploring!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, do they sell hotplate toufu, ma la mian and the thousand island prawn as in the apollo lao di fang?

Thank you.


Sunny said...

Hi Kit,
I know they have Ma La Mian but not sure abt the other 2...

I would encourage you to make a recent trip down to Chinatown area to explore the various good vegetarian food and enjoy the mid-autumn lightings.

Cheers :-)

xbb said...

HEY Sunny,

I like your blog.

LDF moves to #O2-055 already.
I just went today.


Sunny said...

Hi xbb,
Thank you for liking my blog & the information on LDF.
You have a very lively blog too.:-)

Cheers :-)