Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ying Xin Healthy Vegetarian

This new stall at the Chinatown Complex Hawker centre,
#02-005, had located its attractive banner at a very strategic location (near the escalator leading to the many vegetarian stalls such as LaoDiFang) though the stall itself is located at the other far end of the food centre. I managed to locate it only after much meandering search and it is diagonally opposite where the "Er Gu" dessert stall is.

From the menu, one can see that it is going along the healthy vegetarian concept. I ordered its Vegetarian Fish Mee Hoon Soup and its clear soup really has the fishy taste due to the generous portion of seaweed being added. It's good to know another vegetarian stall, another choice for vegetarian consumers. The stall also serves vegetarian dessert. :-)


dreamy said...

Clear soup? No milk?

Sunny said...

Yes, no milk. :-)