Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nice Goreng Pisang & Snacks (Vegetarian)

This is a newer stall just behind the escalator of the center food court at Basement 1 of People's Park Centre (Opp Chinatown Point), a stall away from earlier introduced Mushroom Dry Noodles vegetarian stall.

As its name, it sells a variety of fried snacks like Goreng Pisang, Fried sweet potato, Yam and Carrot cakes and Curry puffs etc. As they keep their snacks in a warmer as can be seen in picture, the snacks are still warm when you buy them. I tried their Popiah and Samosa, the skin is very crispy, a good try! They also have a specialty that combines 3 types of ingredients: yam, sweet potato and rice cake. Can give it a try when you visit the area...



Anonymous said...

hey sunny, try their "nian gao". it comes with niangao yam and sweet potato. yummy! 90cents per pc. i always buy after i had the lunch beside this stall! hehe

Sunny said...

I like their traditional carrot & yam cake too:-)