Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ming De Vegetarian

A friend informed me of a new Vegetarian eatery shop near Lavender MRT, actually not new, was informed later that it is 1 year old already.
It has rice set menu ($3.50-$4) such as Tofu Braised in Soy Sauce which we ordered, Gong Bao Soy Chicken, Sweet & Sour Soy Pork etc. It also has a variety of Ala Carte Dishes of Vegetarian fish, meat, seafood and tofu at quite reasonable prices of $6 (S) - $14 (L).
The Braised Tofu tasted okay, not saltish but a pity the rice was not served steaming hot. The Vegetarian Sharks Fin Soup was quite nice and costed $5 for a big bowl that could serve 4-5. Very worth the price for the standard.:-)
Finally can have a quick dinner if going for Dharma Talk at the Tai Pei Buddhist Centre nearby during weekdays as it opens daily from 9.30am - 9.30pm.
However, pls note that they also serve eggs and hence important to inform them if you do not take eggs as they do not usually clarify and would serve the dishes with eggs by default. :-(
Ming De Vegetarian is located at Blk 808, French Road, #01-1171 S(200808)
(located at Kitchener Complex just behind Construction above Lavender MRT facing side road opposite Citylights)
It also does catering and can be contacted at 94551829/91074245.
Opens daily 9.30am-9.30pm

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Taste of Natural

It's a beautiful error, got lost in transit from NS line to EW MRT line and was considering having a quick dinner before attending a talk near Lavender MRT where there wasn't any vegetarian food nearby that I could recall, I decided to visit the Clifford Centre's Basement Banquet Foodcourt.
It was a vast difference from the day lunch crowd! In the evening, it was a peaceful sight. And if you reach before 7pm, you still have a variety to choose from. (most stalls' lights off after 7.15pm)
Menu of "Taste of Natural" seems to have increased from last visit and was recommended the Malay Gado Gado set (S$6) which the gravy was Cashew nut & Almond based verus normal peanut gravy.
Ingredients include some slices of baked beancurb, tempeh, brinjal, bean sprouts, boiled potato wedges, long bean & shreds of cucumber, carrot & lettuce. A very filling plate of fibre.
And the greeny soup as part of the set was Green Pea Soup! Nice & sweet , very green pea taste! :-)

Located at Basement 1 of Banquet Food Court, walk straight from escalator & you will see it at a far corner.
The Food Court is at 24 Raffles Place, #B1-08 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday : 8am to 7.30pm
Saturday : 8am to 4.30pm. Closed on Sundays as it is a location more catered for working crowds.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bishan Vegetarian

Yes, the latest Vegetarian stall that just opened in Bishan and its name is Bishan Vegetarian. Located just above the food centre above the Bus Interchange, Up from the colorful stairs near the traffic light, you can see it just beside a fishball noodles stall. It sells economical rice dishes as well as Lor Mee & Curry Noodles and some snacks. I tried their Curry Noodles ($3) which the diluted gavy is more of the Malay Lontong version, came with generous portion of mock char siew & duck pieces & fried goose pieces and the cabbage & long beans made it really "Lontong". :-)

Onn Vegetarian

Craving for noodles, decided to visit this new vegetarian place that I read about nice noodles on this sunny weekend.
We tried their Vegetarian minced meat noodles ($3), it is the dark-sauced type rather than traditional Teochew vinegar type that i prefered but the noodles were Q. It came with beancurb alike pieces that tasted with fish cake texture, the marinated mushroom and the fried mock meat pieces which I suppose is their minced meat and their home-made green chilli made it a tryable dish.

As the picture on the stall made the Soup dumplings ($4) look so palatable like the home-made kind I was looking for, we ordered but was disappointed to find them to be those instant frozen type from suppliers. However, the soup was tasty that reduced the disappointment.
We also tried their Mee Rebus ($3) recommended, but the gravy was more like one of the Chinese gluey type of Lor Mee gravy verus traditional Malay Mee Rebus we usually associate the name with. Instead of having potato incorporated in the gravy, fried potato pieces (quite nice) was added to it, a unique variation. I do like their soup & may return for their Ban Mian which I think will come with their tasty soup base as the Soup Dumpling.
Stall is located at Corner Coffee-shop besides NTUC at Blk 5 Upper Boon Keng Road, just across the traffic light from Kallang MRT. Opens from 7am-8.30pm & closes on Sunday.

Ru Lai Zhai Vegetarian Food

Decided to explore the Thomson/Shunfu estate after a visit to the area in the morning and recalled that there is this old Vegetarian stall: Ru Lai Zhai Vegetarian Food located at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road corner Coffee-shop (near multi-storey car-park) that my family used to visit often sometimes after temple visit at kmspks.

It is one of the pioneer Vegetarian stalls that sells Ala Carte Dishes.
My favourite dish then was their special "Fried Golden Dragon Fish" (sorry, may not be right name) which is Mashed potato in shape of fish fried until golden brown, very yummy, a dish which they usually prepare only on special days like the 1st & 15th of the Lunar month ...:-)

I am glad to find it still in operation in that coffee-shop but as being alone, I couldn't enjoy the popular ala carte dishes, hence I decided to order their Fried Hokkien Noddles ($3) . (Oh yes, again :P as I was looking for a good one :P )
Well, was quite surprised with their quick service which the noodles was served within 5 minutes? maybe because there wasn't a crowd then. Personally, i felt that the stock of the Hokkien noodles was good but the problem was it was not well absorbed by the noodles to make it authentic enough. But I think I will be back to try its other dishes again.
And guess what! On my way, I chanced upon a modern Vegetarian instant supply cum bookshop which sells a couple of my favourite vegetarian snacks. at the adjacent block 23A. So, you may do some shopping before or after your meal. :-)

Ru Lai Zhai is located at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road corner Coffee-shop #01-51 (near multi-storey car-park).
Opens daily 8am-9pm except day after 1st & 15th of Lunar month.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Heard much about the newly opened VeganBurg, Vegan Burger outlet, we finally made a trip to visit it, however out of the current 5 types of burgers featured on the menu, the only non-fried patty and non onion and non garlic version, the Hawaiian Pineapple burger that I had wanted to try was still not available.
Hence, we tried the fried patty version - Tangy Tartar & Cracked Pepper Mayo ($5.85/set $9.85 each).

The Tangy Tartar had a great resemblance to the Fish burger at McDonald, though the wholemeal bun was different, thanks to its Tartar sauce, you really felt like you are having McDonald Fish burger. :P

We prefered the Cracked Pepper Mayo for the patty texture & its marination of black pepper. The yummy healthy combination of Organic ciabatta with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts also added points to it. The set includes fries and drinks. Fries were well-fried & of right thickness & we love it. However, the Juice drinks were considered expensive ($3.50 if separate order) that tasted like too much water added to syrup :P that one could hardly associate the fanciful fruit/vege with.

The minestrone soup (sorry, no picture posted as did not take a good picture of it) with discounted price at $2.50 with set meal purchase ($3.80 if not purchased with a set) is worth getting with the discount as it was thick & came with generous ingredients. The set plus a soup could be very filling even for a big-eater like myself and one could skip a meal after that.:P

Veganburg is located at 44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502 ( for delivery info) Opening hours: Daily 11am-10pm Tel: 68446868.
From Eunos MRT, move all the way to end of MRT stretch of shops towards food centre/market & at the HDB with rows of coffeeshop, move towards right end to where the main road bus stop is, you can see opposite street, a row of shophouses beside a hugh temple, Fa Lun She. There it is Veganburg, a corner unit of the shophouse.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Four Season Ice - One of my favourite desserts ($2.50) whenever I have a crave for dessert during lunch hours. Contains my favourite Corn & Red Ruby at same time!
Amazed that with the great variety served by the dessert stall, how the owner can remember what ingredients to put.;-)

1st stall from main entrance of Food Court at Old Meridian Hotel or currently known as Concorde Hotel, 3 streets away from Centrepoint.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Finally managed to meet my Little India expert friend and Yes, off to explore Little India again.

This round, we decided to try Vegsenz which is located at The Verge. It is actually quite easy to find as once you are out from exit B/C? of Little India MRT station (the exit to Tekka Centre), it is not difficult to find the big words of "The Verge" on a modern building. However, Vegsenz is not on this tower nearer to MRT, it is actually located on another tower behind the 1st building.

Walking along to find the shop, suddenly a different picture appeared before one, and there it is, a very Green & Refreshing looking cafe, its shop-front is a great contrast before the Sungei road which has construction going on. It is actually quite near to Bugis, just diagonally behind Sim Lim Square.

Stepping into the shop, a bright & cheerful environment welcomes one and we are immediately served with glasses of water and colorful menu.:-)

The theme is Organic Fusion food, so organic brown rice set, noodles & burgers are on their menu. Decided to have a try at their Mixed Vegetable Soup ($3.50) which tasted like combo non-sour Sichuan soup of starchy version with ingredients of wolfberries, strips of beancurb, black fungus & mushroom slices. The soup already has a strong sensation taste so there was no need to add the black vinegar provided which actually spoilts the taste when added.
We had a try of their Organic Baked Burger ($7) which is quite unique as the filling is actually folds of fried beancurb sheets together with usual ingredients of tomatoes & cucumber slices. However, the slices could not cover the saltishness of the beancurb sheets which was saved by eating the palatable and refreshing side salad of alfafa, carrot and beetroot. The creativity of the burger verus traditional fried potato or mock meat platter is actually quite recommendable.

Next, we had the Five Colorful Appetising Noodles ($8.50) which was served to us like an errupting volcano shape. We thought it might be like the Salad Soba served at New Green Pastures Cafe where the earlier burger's similar refreshing salad was put on top of the noodles but it was more interesting as when we mix the noodles, we discovered there were at least 3 types of colour noodles in the dish: white, green & black. It is actually a cold noodle dish and would had been more appetising for me if the sauce to mix the salad & noodles could be abit less sweet and less overwhelming to overide the refreshing taste of the salad and the cold noodles.
This is certainly another great place to recommend for gathering as it opens daily from 10am-10pm and has great relaxing atmosphere with quite good service. :-)

Vegsenz is located at The Verge, 2 Serangoon Road , #01-24/25/26 S(218227), Tel: 63920369