Sunday, October 17, 2010

Onn Vegetarian

Craving for noodles, decided to visit this new vegetarian place that I read about nice noodles on this sunny weekend.
We tried their Vegetarian minced meat noodles ($3), it is the dark-sauced type rather than traditional Teochew vinegar type that i prefered but the noodles were Q. It came with beancurb alike pieces that tasted with fish cake texture, the marinated mushroom and the fried mock meat pieces which I suppose is their minced meat and their home-made green chilli made it a tryable dish.

As the picture on the stall made the Soup dumplings ($4) look so palatable like the home-made kind I was looking for, we ordered but was disappointed to find them to be those instant frozen type from suppliers. However, the soup was tasty that reduced the disappointment.
We also tried their Mee Rebus ($3) recommended, but the gravy was more like one of the Chinese gluey type of Lor Mee gravy verus traditional Malay Mee Rebus we usually associate the name with. Instead of having potato incorporated in the gravy, fried potato pieces (quite nice) was added to it, a unique variation. I do like their soup & may return for their Ban Mian which I think will come with their tasty soup base as the Soup Dumpling.
Stall is located at Corner Coffee-shop besides NTUC at Blk 5 Upper Boon Keng Road, just across the traffic light from Kallang MRT. Opens from 7am-8.30pm & closes on Sunday.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Nice post Sunny!

I've actually been meaning to check this place out for a while now. Sounds not too bad!

Keep up the good work!


Sunny said...



Anonymous said...

I tried their Ban Mian, it is nice, goes well with their sambal chilli. BTW you may wish to update the DRBA receipe (Sunny's Vegetarian Fantasy) weblink to


Sunny said...

Hi Jessie,
Thanks for the info. Will update the link!


Anonymous said...

Try their Wantan Noodle. Disappointed as the Wantan is not well-cooked.Although they seems to enjoy good patronage during yesterday lunchhours.