Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ru Lai Zhai Vegetarian Food

Decided to explore the Thomson/Shunfu estate after a visit to the area in the morning and recalled that there is this old Vegetarian stall: Ru Lai Zhai Vegetarian Food located at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road corner Coffee-shop (near multi-storey car-park) that my family used to visit often sometimes after temple visit at kmspks.

It is one of the pioneer Vegetarian stalls that sells Ala Carte Dishes.
My favourite dish then was their special "Fried Golden Dragon Fish" (sorry, may not be right name) which is Mashed potato in shape of fish fried until golden brown, very yummy, a dish which they usually prepare only on special days like the 1st & 15th of the Lunar month ...:-)

I am glad to find it still in operation in that coffee-shop but as being alone, I couldn't enjoy the popular ala carte dishes, hence I decided to order their Fried Hokkien Noddles ($3) . (Oh yes, again :P as I was looking for a good one :P )
Well, was quite surprised with their quick service which the noodles was served within 5 minutes? maybe because there wasn't a crowd then. Personally, i felt that the stock of the Hokkien noodles was good but the problem was it was not well absorbed by the noodles to make it authentic enough. But I think I will be back to try its other dishes again.
And guess what! On my way, I chanced upon a modern Vegetarian instant supply cum bookshop which sells a couple of my favourite vegetarian snacks. at the adjacent block 23A. So, you may do some shopping before or after your meal. :-)

Ru Lai Zhai is located at Blk 24 Sin Ming Road corner Coffee-shop #01-51 (near multi-storey car-park).
Opens daily 8am-9pm except day after 1st & 15th of Lunar month.

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