Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lan Xiang Yuan Vegetarian (Koufu, Commonwealth MRT)

Black Pepper Pork Chop! On a Hugh plate, it did look palatable and overall it is quite nice. Its black pepper sauce was okay, not too spicy with mock meat platter of Soya Bean base. Too bad it is not the cheesy type that the predecessor used to make with. The bun was actually my favourite on the dish as it was not the usual plain type but with a marinated taste in the center and it was most likely pan-fried before served. Points would be added if the beans are served warm. Nevertheless, still worth trying if one miss Western food at reasonable price...

This stall is located near side entrance of Koufu Foodcourt beside Commonwealth MRT.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vegetarian Fiesta!

Vegetarian lovers!
You will be spoilt for choices if you drop off  Aljunied MRT on 16 Nov, Sun, 9am-5pm.
First, a few steps from Aljunied MRT,
BL Food & Fun Fair comprises of various Vegetarian delights.

Then,  stroll further down to Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery for Ren Ci Vegetarian Food Fiesta!
I would recommend their Lor Mee on left side of hall n the Abbot 's stall!  At back of hall, delicious Sri Lankan pumpkin curry with prata at only $2! Many nice items to consider... 

Have a Happy time!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Life Vegetarian

Daily special on Happy Life Vegetarian's menu ~ Fish Porridge.
Looked appetising enough for order. It's Teochew style of fish porridge, with hot soup poured over cooked rice. So, the soup base is important. The soup taste is just nice for me on a hot day. It is not salty, more to blend flavour, just like typical teochew porridge with light taste. Well, if the usual salty pieces of pickles are added, it will add more authenticity and flavour. A pity the well fried mock fishes are not the bean curd skin type that I like but overall, already quite an enjoyable plain dish for a change. :-)

It is located at corner coffee shop at Blk134 Geylang East Ave1, #01-229, 2nd bus stop from Aljunied Mrt. Opposite Tan Swie Hian Museum. Happy Life Vegetarian is located at the right corner, inside same coffee-shop which hosted Kwan Inn Vegetarian (KIV) for those who knew KIV better.