Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just Green Vegetarian Food (Takashimaya Food Court)

This is another long time vegetarian stall in Orchard, located at Basement Foodcourt of Takashimaya.
Wanted to try something light & soupy and this Kway Chap came into mind.
As can be seen from picture, the gravy was light with ingredients like beancurb skin, beancurb, mock meat and mock intestines, and the Kway Chap was soft.

The stall also sells a variety of speciality and mixed rice dishes, although slightly more expensive as located in a prime shopping mall foodcourt as compared to a few other alternatives introduced earlier, it's worth visiting too. And hopefully it can continue to stay in business to provide a good choice for consumers working/shopping around the area. :-)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I visited YOGI HOUSE, an organic eatery located at Fu Lu Shou building, the mall famous for the many crystal shops located in it.
It's at a corner, #02-08. Almost 1/3 of it shops also sells dry stocks like vegetarian snacks and supplies. Its menu had expanded from years ago since I last visited it.

You can find their popular brown rice sets, soup & dry noodles, fried mushrooms, etc. I noticed something interesting: Pumpkin soup with walnut bread which I decided to try mainly for the soup as I am not much a bread lover.

However, the soup turned up to be abit bland and the bread tasted better than expected. Quite crunchy that my bread-lover friends would definitely love. :-)
At the shop, one can find the various vegetarian snacks that I recommended at my other blog. :-)

Located at Fu Lu Shou building #02-08, at a corner amidst the crystal shops.
Last order at 6.30pm, closes at 7pm. Tel: 62971220