Friday, August 30, 2013

素满园 (Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura)

A patron eating the Vegetarian Hor Fun caught my attention and I decided to order the same. Quite a good choice with flavourful gravy & well-cooked with variety of ingredients. And while eating, it attracted attention of another patron to ask which stall I ordered for. Certainly a dish that I will return for.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vegetarian at Northpoint Kopitiam Foodcourt

Seeing more vegetarian at food court simply named as "Vegetarian Food" without brand name.
Likewise for this stall at Kopitiam food court of Northpoint shopping mall, opposite Yishun MRT.
On right of its list of Stir-fry dishes' menu, the big picture of Western food - Fish & Chips did catch my attention, It doesn't look like traditional Fish & Chips but more like vegetarian pork chop. Curious, I ordered but what came out looks like traditional vegetarian mock fish and indeed the instant frozen soybean based type found in most stalls. Nevertheless. quite worth the money of $5.50, being 2 big pieces well fried fish and generous serving of fries and coleslaw & beans. I do like its coleslaw, refreshing & crunchy to curd the guiltiness of the fried food. :-)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gokul (Fortune Centre)

It's always a blessing to be able to enjoy Indian food at Gokul (Fortune Centre #01) without worries of 5 pungent plant consumption (such as onion & garlic). Besides Indian food, Gokul has extended menu to Chinese & Malay food as well as Western Food (burger).
I had long missed Meehoon/Mee Soto Soup and was glad to find Gokul at Fortune Centre offers the dish. It was cooked on spot with thick gravy which I suspect may be same stock base as their Indian mutton soup but it did have that spark of traditional Mee Soto Soup base though thicker version. A big bowl with generous serving with  bean curd, taupok & variety of mock ingredients.
Recommend their thick ginger tea too :-)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vegetarian at Blk 73 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Corner Coffeeshop

Finally had a chance to explore out of Toa Payoh (TP) central, a street across the TP library/ Shop&Save which T had been recommending the Vegetarian stall's Fried Hokkien Mee, saying it is a favourite with the non-vegetarians.  Perhaps it was quite crowded that day or expectation raised too high, the plate with request without egg, though overall considered nice, did not meet my high expectation as it lacked a "wok-feel".
Their Tom-Yam Soup Bee-hoon came in strong Tom Yam paste, though neither too spicy or sour did somehow revive my spicy appetite as I had not tasted spicy soup for months. It seems to be a stall popular with a lot of old patrons from the neighbourhood and closes early after lunch-hours. May explore their other dishes again when around the area...

Without a name, it is a corner stall hidden at the right of the right corner coffeeshop of Blk 73, TP Lor 4, facing the main road.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Divine Realm Vegetarian

A new friend, also a vegetarian food lover brought us to his favourite vegetarian eatery ~ Divine Realm Vegetarian at Blk 501, Hougang Ave 8.
It is indeed a good discovery to me! It has a good variety of choices, Indian & Traditional Rojak, Ngian Toufu, Stir-fry dishes, Soup Noodles and their Roti Prata which my friend strongly recommended but we did not order this round.
Although I had wanted to cut down on fried food, I couldn't resist ordering their attractive vegetable fritters & beancurd once I saw them. Good crispiness and their Indian Rojak gravy tasted light & flavourful that goes well with it, no regrets ordering.
Then seeing many order their Mushroom soup noodles which looked good, we followed suit. Good choice, well cooked la-mian type of noodles with oyster-sauced flavour soup, my friend was in praise of it.
Seeing their Chinese flour-cake looked authentic, just like the ones at Ermeishan, glutton me ordered again for tea-break snack. The external texture was chewy with good portion of vegetable ingredients (even much better than what I had in China!), exceeded my expectations, Should Try!