Thursday, August 1, 2013

Divine Realm Vegetarian

A new friend, also a vegetarian food lover brought us to his favourite vegetarian eatery ~ Divine Realm Vegetarian at Blk 501, Hougang Ave 8.
It is indeed a good discovery to me! It has a good variety of choices, Indian & Traditional Rojak, Ngian Toufu, Stir-fry dishes, Soup Noodles and their Roti Prata which my friend strongly recommended but we did not order this round.
Although I had wanted to cut down on fried food, I couldn't resist ordering their attractive vegetable fritters & beancurd once I saw them. Good crispiness and their Indian Rojak gravy tasted light & flavourful that goes well with it, no regrets ordering.
Then seeing many order their Mushroom soup noodles which looked good, we followed suit. Good choice, well cooked la-mian type of noodles with oyster-sauced flavour soup, my friend was in praise of it.
Seeing their Chinese flour-cake looked authentic, just like the ones at Ermeishan, glutton me ordered again for tea-break snack. The external texture was chewy with good portion of vegetable ingredients (even much better than what I had in China!), exceeded my expectations, Should Try!

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