Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vegetarian at Northpoint Kopitiam Foodcourt

Seeing more vegetarian at food court simply named as "Vegetarian Food" without brand name.
Likewise for this stall at Kopitiam food court of Northpoint shopping mall, opposite Yishun MRT.
On right of its list of Stir-fry dishes' menu, the big picture of Western food - Fish & Chips did catch my attention, It doesn't look like traditional Fish & Chips but more like vegetarian pork chop. Curious, I ordered but what came out looks like traditional vegetarian mock fish and indeed the instant frozen soybean based type found in most stalls. Nevertheless. quite worth the money of $5.50, being 2 big pieces well fried fish and generous serving of fries and coleslaw & beans. I do like its coleslaw, refreshing & crunchy to curd the guiltiness of the fried food. :-)

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