Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Glutton me who had just recovered from flu could not resist from trying Brownice from last visit to Thomson area after the activities there ended. The first flavour that I set sight on is my favourite : Dark Chocolate and I couldn't resist ordering another scoop of their Strawberry after trying.
My friends ordered the Apple Cinnamon and yes, the Mudpie.
The ice cream being vegan, without dairy tasted more to the Sorbet/Granita version.
Being taken alone, the Dark chocolate was fine but when taken together with the Strawberry flavour, the strawberry flavour overwhelmed the Dark chocolate taste.
The Dark Chocolate would had complemented better by the Apple Cinnamon which is lighter but nice as well.
The Mudpie (sorry no photo as not well taken) was better than what I remembered taken at Real Food years before and the contrast of the lighter Hazelnut chocolate verus the Dark chocolate was good. Worth trying.
It's also a good place to meet friends for a gathering so would definitely return to try more flavours.
Originally I thought my gluttoness would cause a relapse of my just recovered stomach flu but their ice-cream being vegan without dairy, did not cause a stir and I managed to survive and back to work the following day. :P

Brownice is located at Sin Ming Centre at 8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03
and it has good opening hours to 11pm Mon-Thurs & to 12am Fri-Sun!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tian Yuan Vegetarian

Lei Cha noodles was on Tian Yuan's menu and the served version to a patron looked enticing.
Had long heard Lei Cha is nutritious but as it is usually accompanied with rice and peanuts, I wasn't that keen so when I was told Tian Yuan has it with noodles and no peanuts, I did not hestitate to try.
Good choice, as it comes with a mild peppermint which the unique taste may not be acceptable to some was a good remedy soup to aid my recovery from  stomach flu and beginning symptoms of running nose. The noodles, the Lamian this round was well-cooked and smooth that after finishing the bowl of Leicha soup noodles, I found my stomach warmed, my blood circulation improved that after a short rest, I recovered from both flu.
Their Leicha consists of chopped bean cubes, bean curb cubes , preserved carrot bits (Caipu), some unknown vege leaves and black and white sesame seeds. Not elaborate but nice and the derivation to include noodles is a welcome creation for noodles-lover like myself.:-)

This Vegetarian Supply Shop - Tian Yuan is hidden at level 2 (#02-23) of Fortune centre, right on 2nd stretch of shops up from the escalator. It takes abit of effort to look for it but luckily it has a bright sign.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kiat Lim Vegetarian Food 吉林素食

Sadly, ceased operations... 

Kiat Lim Vegetarian Food is the latest Vegetarian restaurant added in the East, maybe the nearest Vegetarian outlet if one is looking for Vegetarian food nearest from Taipei Buddhist Centre, 1 MRT station away from Lavender. It is located at the stretch of shop-houses diagonally opposite Kallang MRT and opposite the Bus Interchange.
It serves traditional Chinese food menu and common Stir-fry dishes such as Horfun, Fried Hokkien mee etc which are flavourful in taste.
We ordered their Claypot Beancurd and Fried Mee Sua, which were quite flavourful and were complimented by my non-vegetarian friends. Generally, I think the dishes belong to the class of strong taste, good for those non-vegetarians or new vegetarians.
We also tried their recommended specialty dessert, the Teochew Yam and Pumpkin Paste (Ouni), which unknowingly to us, came in 1 hugh bowl that could serve at least 5 pax.
The non vegetarian version usually was added with pork lard, so I was glad to try it the vegetarian version. Generally, I think it tasted good though my non-vegetarian friends still voted for their non-vegetarian version.  
Glimpsing at neighboring tables that ordered their Hor-fun or mee, etc., I think they looked yummy, and the prices are in general quite reasonable, hence likely to return to try. :-P

Kiat Lim Vegetarian is located at 4 Jalan Ayer Singapore 389142.
Tel: 83331955.