Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Glutton me who had just recovered from flu could not resist from trying Brownice from last visit to Thomson area after the activities there ended. The first flavour that I set sight on is my favourite : Dark Chocolate and I couldn't resist ordering another scoop of their Strawberry after trying.
My friends ordered the Apple Cinnamon and yes, the Mudpie.
The ice cream being vegan, without dairy tasted more to the Sorbet/Granita version.
Being taken alone, the Dark chocolate was fine but when taken together with the Strawberry flavour, the strawberry flavour overwhelmed the Dark chocolate taste.
The Dark Chocolate would had complemented better by the Apple Cinnamon which is lighter but nice as well.
The Mudpie (sorry no photo as not well taken) was better than what I remembered taken at Real Food years before and the contrast of the lighter Hazelnut chocolate verus the Dark chocolate was good. Worth trying.
It's also a good place to meet friends for a gathering so would definitely return to try more flavours.
Originally I thought my gluttoness would cause a relapse of my just recovered stomach flu but their ice-cream being vegan without dairy, did not cause a stir and I managed to survive and back to work the following day. :P

Brownice is located at Sin Ming Centre at 8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03
and it has good opening hours to 11pm Mon-Thurs & to 12am Fri-Sun!


Anonymous said...

wow thank you for sharing :) Now i know where to get vegan ice cream :)

Sunny said...

Glad it helps :-)