Friday, July 30, 2010

Shun Fu Vegetarian

Revisited the stall for lunch. Much convenient now to visit via the new Circle line station: Marymount & good job by HDB on the upgrading of facilities to have sheltered linkage all the way to Shunfu Market via the HDB blocks.

For 3 dishes with brown rice, it costed $3. I like their mock cuttlefish slices which were well-cooked with dark sauce with the right texture. The fried cauliflower pieces were crispy, but one could hardly taste the cauliflower inside, the green vege, kailan, was fresh & well-cooked.
And near the lift area, there is a drink-stall that sells home-made barley drink at only $0.50. Where to find now?:P
The Vegetarian stall is located near the main entrance of the food centre facing the road/carpark at level 2 of Shunfu Market.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ru Yi Yuan Vegetarian

Whenever I visit Redhill MRT market, I would passby this coffeeshop located opposite the Redhill Market. It is always crowded & especially this Ru Yi Yuan Vegetarian stall that attracts long queue even on non-vegetarian days of 1st & 15th day of lunar month.

Finally, decided to spend time to queue for it. It's quite a good portion at $2/2.50 & it has many interesting looking mock products which I added my favourite compressed beancurb skin dish which just costed a dollar more. :-) The meehoon is still okay but the variety of standard side dishes which is quite tasty is their sellng point.

It is located at Blk 80 Redhill Lane Coffeeshop, opposite the Market, about 5 mins walk from Redhill MRT.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

素满园 Su Man Yuan Vegetarian

Visited People's Park centre again & this round tried another Vegetarian Stall at the B1 corner Food Court instead of the Center one. It has a interesting caption on its stall :
They don't serve stir-fry dishes when I visited today so no choice but to have its economical rice.
What a good variety of dishes they have to choose from & I ordered brown rice with curry cabbage, brinjal & braised bean curb and requested for their Assam fish gravy. Their curry was very fragrant (Indian style) & strongly recommend their brinjal stir-fried & cooked with sesame and red barbecue sauce (tasted like char siew alike sauce) and their Assam gravy very appetising with the rice. Their free bowl of warm soup of white & red carrot cubes & soy bean added points to make it a very satisfying meal at only $3! Brown rice with 3 dishes and soup, very reasonable with great variety of appetising dishes to choose from! Will surely return again.:-)

Located at the corner Food Court at Basement 1 of People's Park Centre (Opp Chinatown Point), towards near left corner of the food court.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Green Vegetarian Food (Tampines)

This is the expensive stall that Missveg recommended at 8 Tampines Central Eastlink Foodcourt.
Yes, 1 whole piece beancurb (with gravy) & 2 vege with brown rice costed $5! I must had got the same bean curb dish that she ordered.
Well, although the fried bean curb (tou gan) was quite tasty, it definitely is expensive! The stall does have a good variety of dishes, so unless you want to pamper yourself, if you don't order the brown rice & have those mapo toufu pieces in place of the whole piece bean curb, it will cost around $3.50.
And the pictures on the stall reminded me of the Just Green Vegetarian Food stall at Takashimaya that closed! Okay, I will try their stirfry dishes if I have the chance to visit Tampines again.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chuan Ren Vegetarian Food at Bt Merah Central

There had been alot of changes in the old Bt Merah Central that I used to frequent years ago, especially on the Vegetarian stalls, they had all ceased operation. :-(
This is a new stall that I noticed at the coffee shop opposite the Hawker centre.
When I saw the name, I thought this may be run by a fan of Ven. Chuan Ren:-)
Friend ordered their economical rice & regreted as the dishes were cold while I was glad I ordered their Menu of the day: Lor Mee, which came hot, tastewise okay, can try.:-]

Located at Coffeeshop at Blk 165, Bt Merah central, just opposite the Hawker center.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ci Neng Vegn Food at People's Park Centre B1 Center Food Court

Visited People's Park Centre a couple of weeks ago & glad to find the stall still in operation.:-)

Decided to try their Vegetarian Pork Ribs (肉骨) or mutton soup noodles (sorry, too long ago that I forgot is which:P). But I do recall the mock meat as per picture look & tasted very much like those mock mutton pieces, soup wise, I recall was quite nice with wolf berries and bean sprouts & lettuce.

Attracted by the display of their Vegetarian Roasted Chicken Rice, so glutton me decided to pack that for dinner. Looks very real, right? Aiyo, I was having much expectation only to discover it's those small vegetarian fried drumstick made of beancurb skin, but the presentation was good & the rice was quite nice, with great resemblance, and it comes with a good portion of cabbage. Overall, worth a try. :-)

Located at the center Food Court at Basement 1 of People's Park Centre (Opp Chinatown Point), amidst the many tour agencies.

Yuan Wei Quan Vegetarian (YWQ)

Bak Choy (minced meat) Mee Tai Mak or Mee Hoon is one of their later addition as special menu on Saturday. Nice portion of vinegar which is a must for nice Bak Choy noodles, with minced meat which tasted like otak with abit of spiciness (which I wonder if has egg ingredients inside as the stall does sell eggs as well ) , some mushroom slices and their ever crispy vegetarian fried "goose pieces".
On the menu of the day also, is vegetarian porridge which I noticed is actually congee style of porridge which looked good & finished fast just after lunch hours. (Greedy me with soft spot for congee had wanted to pack it home to try but was disappointed to find it fully sold. Next time perhaps...:P )

The food court is located at B1 of HDB Hub. You can either enter thru basement car park entrance or from entrance besides McDonald from Bus interchange. It is located at a corner nearer to basement car park entrance.