Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yuan Wei Quan Vegetarian (YWQ)

Bak Choy (minced meat) Mee Tai Mak or Mee Hoon is one of their later addition as special menu on Saturday. Nice portion of vinegar which is a must for nice Bak Choy noodles, with minced meat which tasted like otak with abit of spiciness (which I wonder if has egg ingredients inside as the stall does sell eggs as well ) , some mushroom slices and their ever crispy vegetarian fried "goose pieces".
On the menu of the day also, is vegetarian porridge which I noticed is actually congee style of porridge which looked good & finished fast just after lunch hours. (Greedy me with soft spot for congee had wanted to pack it home to try but was disappointed to find it fully sold. Next time perhaps...:P )

The food court is located at B1 of HDB Hub. You can either enter thru basement car park entrance or from entrance besides McDonald from Bus interchange. It is located at a corner nearer to basement car park entrance.

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