Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rice House 粥大王

Good fast serving  cafe to visit around Paya Lebar MRT area.
Delicious dry noodles from the Rice House... 

The Rice House is located at Blk 129 Geylang East ave 1, beside Foo Hai Chan Monastery & Opposite Sims Ville Condo. May alight at 2nd bus stop from Aljunied MRT & walk further up & turn left to Monastery direction. Or Paya Lebar MRT Sims Ave exit may be shorter route. 
Tel: 6747 3739

Friday, April 15, 2016

Gokul (Fortune Centre)

Besides their delicious Fried Kway Teow, I had always heard people ordered their Fried Hokkien Noodles.
So in mood for fried noodles,  I decided to try it that fine evening. 
Discovered that Gokul has an additional "Gokul Spl Fried Hokkien Noodles", on their menu.
Upon enquiry,  it is disclosed that the difference is this special dish has three instead of two main components:  yellow noodles and mee hoon and yes, the third is:  Kway Teow, making it Three and special!  :-)
Being a curious person on food, I decided to try this special. Well, their Hokkien noodles is definitely to be added on my recommended list of local vegetarian delights. It tasted too authentic and good to be from a non-Chinese chef...
With a craving also for a spicy Indian dish, I decided to try their "Aloo Gobi" which is a stir-fry of potatoes and cauliflower and Indian spices. 
Well, as you can see from picture,  it may not look good but it tasted Good!  Just that it had more portion of potatoes versus cauliflowers which is the other way served in most other eateries I tried.
What a satisfactory meal. :-))

Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant

Had seen others often ordered one of their signature dishes ~ Xinhua Lu Mian (Braised noodles) and it looked good so finally managed to order this round. The soup base is gluey starchy, and I kind of like the noodle texture though it is not the smooth type that I had always preferred. Overall, Nice though to the plain taste flavour...:P

Located at 282 Jalan Besar , S'pore 208945
(Diagonally left front stretch of shop houses from Jalan Besar Swimming Complex, next to Cityhub Hotel.) Buses stopping just in front of Cityhub Hotel: SBS 23,64,65,66,130,139,147, SMRT 67,857
Opening hours: 10am-2.45pm; 5pm-9.30pm. Tel: 6398 0836 

Classic Lao Di Fang Vegetarian Restaurant PL

This is a dish popular amongst the non vegetarian. Vegetarian suckling pig ! I always ponder if it is worth to pay S$30 for the dish for its name. I was kind of frowning when the dish varies from what I always see from Miaoyi, as the skin colour looked kind of artificial orange instead of red expected. However, when tasted, its crispy exterior went well with the sauce and vegetables accompanied. I guess it is okay to indulge once in a while...

Oh this Stir-fry Four Season beans is a must try here. They really do it well!
Vegetarian Dim Sum lovers who missed good Dim Sum can try their steamed dumplings, fried bean curd and carrot cakes. :-)

It is located at 9 Penang Rd, Park Mall, Basement 1, #B1-12, just turn left from the down escalator.Tel: 6533 8959

Bishan Vegetarian

Their Daily Dinner Special : Dumpling Soup Mee Sua.
Instant Dumplings but well cooked with flavourful soup base. :-)

Located just above the food centre above the Bus Interchange, Up from the colourful stairs near the traffic light, you can see it just 2nd stall away from Drink stall.