Thursday, October 24, 2013

素满园 (Forks & Spoon Food Court at Toa Payoh Central)

Long time didn't visit the Forks & Spoon Food Court at Toa Payoh Central and originally craving for Laksa which I recall it used to serve, I was glad to fnd a vegetarian stall still around but realised it was taken over by 素满园 SuManYuan.
The picture menu of Stir-fry dishes differs from the usual SuManYuan menu that I recall and it did not serve the usual SuManYuan style of  Laksa & Lor Mee.
Only economic rice is available during time of visit so I ordered their brown rice with dishes. Reasonable price for reasonable portion and good to enjoy a bowl of hot soup.
Hope it continues to serve the patrons well.

Yes Natural Bakery (Haig Road)

Exploring the Haig Road area for vegetarian food, I came across an outlet of Yes Natural Bakery! Located at Blk12, Haig Road, #01-349, S430012, it is just near/opposite the Haig Road Hawker centre. There's even waffle and ice-cream on sale in the shop but I am not sure if it's also eggless though.
But at least a complement if the only vegetarian stall at the hawker centre is not open, one can also have the eggless bread.
I was told that to cater to the local likes there, the cakes are not eggless so if you are on vegetarian diet, do clarify any purchases in this outlet on a safe mode.
The shop also sells vegetarian supplies.
Opens daily from 7am-9.30pm. Tel: 67482295.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

SunnyChoice (Bt Batok)

SunnyChoice, haha not to be mistaken, this is not my shop but the name did catch my attention! :P
In fact it has 3 outlets but we visited the one at Bukit Batok and it is conveniently located at walking distance from Bukit Batok MRT. Just cross the traffic light towards Mcdonald but turn left at 1st HDB block before it, then past the HDB branch office, one will see a couple of small shops. It is diagonally across Pasta Mania of West Mall.

Hakka Abacus, not a fan of the dish till I tried it here. 
The outer skin was smooth and soft and it kind of melted in one's mouth.
Their Pineapple Fried Rice using brown rice which is not that common in Spore but encouraged was flavourful and the mock floss goes excellent with it.

Oh, I would also recommend their Vegetable Curry. The curry gravy won praises from all. And I love their soup, especially the Mushroom soup which may not look good but it did taste good! 

Located at Blk 630, Bukit Batok Central, #01-154, S650630, it opens on Tuesday-Sunday 10am-9pm with 1st order: 11am to Last order: 8.30pm.
However, if the 1st or 15th of Lunar month falls on Monday, it will operate and rests on Tuesday instead. Contact: 68990918. Ref:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Loving Hut (Suntec)

Was at the renovated Suntec Convention Hall for a seminar, so I make good use of the opportunity to explore the new & old vegetarian outlets there.
Well, glad to know that Loving Hut at level 3 of  SuntecTower 2 where a couple of cafes or restaurants are situated is still there. Wanting something soupy, I decided to try its Wanton soup noodles. Considering the high rental at the area, the portion is still reasonable with quite a good portion of vegetables with 3 fried wanton (which I would prefer the unfried version in soup or served separately as it kind of become soggy in soup). 
Taste wise reasonable but the spaghetti next table looked more flavourful which I may be inclined to order for future visits.  Oh, but do take note that some of the dishes contain onions/garlic so do take note to enquire if you also do not want/take onion/garlic.
A quick exploration of other vegetarian outlets at Suntec area:
On same level, just beside Loving Hut is Pangat Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, and at the other corner is Komala Indian Vegetarian outlet.
However, with the renovation there is no longer vegetarian stall at the new Basement food court. Realising the potential vegetarian needs, the new Breadtalk café just opposite the food court has a big poster that states it serves vegetarian friendly dishes (curry & spaghetti)
Venturing to Millenia Walk, one could find 7 Sensations which had moved in to #P3-07 (3rd Floor) Parco. I went to find its 2nd level food court located near Harvey Norman or linked walkway from Marina Square to discover it had also renovated but thankfully, a vegetarian stall is still available. The old "Eight Immortals" stall had been replaced with "SuManYuan" which used to operate in the old Suntec food court.
So, there are still choices for vegetarians visiting Suntec area and hopefully more vegetarian friendly choices are becoming available. :-)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bento set from 素食林 (Su Shi Lin) Happy Realm

This is the 2nd time I had this catered Bento sets at retreats and I was surprised with the answers where these delicious bento sets were from. I was told they were from Happy Realm, the traditional vegetarian restaurant at Pearl centre!
This is really a pleasant surprise to us and I am really touched while we enjoyed the bento set which each has a good variety of dishes and while eating, one can feel the "heart" put in by the preparer in preparing the bento sets. CHEERS!

Happy Realm, a traditional vegetarian restaurant, located at:
100 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-16 Pearls Centre, Spore 059812
(The building near Outram MRT) Tel: 6222 6141

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bishan Vegetarian

Another satisfactory meal from Bishan Vegetarian.  
Vegetarian Fish Soup Kway Tiao without milk~clear soup.
Love their hugh pieces of compressed beancurd skin texture of mock fishes used with generous portion of vegetables and Kway Tiao. Worth the value at $4.
And the hot clear soup is nice on a rainy day.

Located just above the food centre above the Bus Interchange, Up from the colorful stairs near the traffic light, you can see it just 2nd stall away from Drink stall.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Soon Lee Vegetarian (Near Red Hill MRT Hawker Centre)

Dumpling soup noodles! I really missed good ones and always on look-out for good vegetarian version. On its Daily Special menu of Soon Lee is Dumpling noodles so that's my choice for that day.
I love their soup Wanton type of noodles, Smooth & the mock ikan bilis and mock fried onion slices with the chilli padi really made the soup a fantastic drink that I always finish up. :P
The dumpling though not hand-made but can be bought from instant frozen type, instead of cooking it directly into soup and become mushy after, they are smart to steam it that the shape remains firm and nice and add on the soup after.
A satisfactory meal! :-)
Located beside the market near RedHill MRT, it is the central corner stall at 1st stretch opposite the HDB shops.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food (Tai Sun Eating House near Lavender MRT)

Hurray, a new vegetarian stall opens within walking distance (2nd HDB block) from Lavender MRT for the evening as well (starts at 6+am to 8pm Daily).
A good news for vegetarians who visits the area for events for the morning & evening .
I was quite surprised by the revamped Ground level of the HDB block 808, French Road that now houses a NTUC Fairprice & on its left, a new Tai Sun Eating House that has a vegetarian stall with same name Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food but is unrelated to the popular Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food which is famous for its vegetarian laksa at Geylang.

Was told the owner is a Malaysian who used to cook for Vegetarian restaurant in Malaysia and he serves economic rice dishes as well as Stir-fry dishes. We tried some stir-fry dishes such as LuoHan Zhai (Mixed vegetables), Vegetarian Honey-sauced Pork Ribs, Fried Rice and Spicy Beancurd.
The Mixed Vegetables is of average standard, for those who don't mind mock meat will like the well marinated vegetarian pork ribs, the fried rice was of dryer & firmer grains though my preference is of softer & wetter version, its fragrance saved the dish. And my favourite is the appetising soft beancurd, thumbs up for that. :-)
On its signboard showed pictures of laksa and dry noodles, etc. as well.
Will definitely revisit given the long hours availability.
For those who may arrive late close to 8pm, to avoid disappointments, you may like to give Mr Wu a call at 98788639 to place your orders.
May there be continuity to serve the vegetarians around the area. :-)