Saturday, October 19, 2013

Loving Hut (Suntec)

Was at the renovated Suntec Convention Hall for a seminar, so I make good use of the opportunity to explore the new & old vegetarian outlets there.
Well, glad to know that Loving Hut at level 3 of  SuntecTower 2 where a couple of cafes or restaurants are situated is still there. Wanting something soupy, I decided to try its Wanton soup noodles. Considering the high rental at the area, the portion is still reasonable with quite a good portion of vegetables with 3 fried wanton (which I would prefer the unfried version in soup or served separately as it kind of become soggy in soup). 
Taste wise reasonable but the spaghetti next table looked more flavourful which I may be inclined to order for future visits.  Oh, but do take note that some of the dishes contain onions/garlic so do take note to enquire if you also do not want/take onion/garlic.
A quick exploration of other vegetarian outlets at Suntec area:
On same level, just beside Loving Hut is Pangat Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, and at the other corner is Komala Indian Vegetarian outlet.
However, with the renovation there is no longer vegetarian stall at the new Basement food court. Realising the potential vegetarian needs, the new Breadtalk café just opposite the food court has a big poster that states it serves vegetarian friendly dishes (curry & spaghetti)
Venturing to Millenia Walk, one could find 7 Sensations which had moved in to #P3-07 (3rd Floor) Parco. I went to find its 2nd level food court located near Harvey Norman or linked walkway from Marina Square to discover it had also renovated but thankfully, a vegetarian stall is still available. The old "Eight Immortals" stall had been replaced with "SuManYuan" which used to operate in the old Suntec food court.
So, there are still choices for vegetarians visiting Suntec area and hopefully more vegetarian friendly choices are becoming available. :-)

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