Friday, April 29, 2011

Vesak@Orchard Vegetarian Food Fair

Some snapshots of food we had this afternoon.
Yes, my favourite Vegetarian Food Fair is back at Ngee Ann City this weekend again!
Still alot of prior year stall-holders but it seems this year there are more stalls and more selling at reasonable food court prices for quality food.

Vege burger for only $2 and water-mouthing Nonya pastries...
And striongly recommending the stall (can't remember if it is stall of kmspks) selling hand-made vegetarian Sambal/Belacan chilli that even has slices of mushroom and mock ikan bilis & the chilli tastes superb! Spicy with a lime taste, fantastically good to go with noodles & rice!!!!

The Almond noodles from Yes Natural and the Premium hand-made ice-cream are strongly recommended! The sushi stall is still there but sushi running out fast that I didn't manage to get my favourite fruit sushi :-(

The Dumplings, handmade by Venerable from Fo Yuan Lin, good vegetables filling in not too thick skin that goes well with the vinegar & chilli, and best taken hot on spot. (For those who missed it, they will be participating in another Vegetarian Food Fair on 29 May at Eunos MRT open field)

Don't wait, Hurry down to The Vegetarian Food Fair which is located just outside Ngee Ann City, Orchard Rd as part of Vesak@Orchard celebration from 30 Apr (Sat) 9am-9.30pm, 1 May (Sun) 9am-5pm.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Y.F. (Yuan Fen) Vegetarian Food

What's that? Green Tea Fried Rice and Watercess Pork Ribs Soup.
Can't really detect the Green Tea flavour which could had been covered by the strong Green Pea taste. It should had been called Green Pea Fried Rice instead, soft and fragrant with "mositure felt" fried rice. Nice! Especially for Green Pea lovers, must try!
Can't recall any mock pock ribs found but a small stalk of corn instead, nice bowl of soup which I would say "with substance".:-)

It's a small vegetarian shop on People's Park Centre 2nd level, just opposite the Chinatown Point, facing the overhead bridge linking the 2 building. Besides a tour agency...