Friday, May 7, 2010

Vesak@Orchard Vegetarian Food fair

This is my favourite Vegetarian Food Fair where many nice International Vegetarian food can be tasted!

Popular brands such as Yes Natural's Pocket Salad, KwanYin Zhai Vegetarian 's Laksa, Vegetarian Ice-cream, and my most missed premium Japanese vegetarian fruit sushi that melts in one's mouth, vegetarian hand-roll, 1 mouth's bite fried mantou with vegetarian ham, the mini tomato and vegetarian hot-dog stick with its unique sweet & sour sauce, Vegetarian Rojak, Nasi Byrani, etc. !!!

The Avocado & Dragon fruit sushi is a must Try! Though the price is abit steep but certainly worth it! How I miss sushi handroll & this is certainly the place where I can satisfy my crave for vegetarian sushi!

Be There Early before they are sold off!

Oh, there are a number of booth selling Vegetarian supplies and snacks too!

The Vegetarian Food Fair is located just outside Ngee Ann City, Orchard Rd as part of Vesak@Orchard celebration from 8-9 May 2010. (Sun's event officially ends at 5pm but based on past years' experiences, the food was usually gone before then!)

One good effort by the organiser this year in their effort to save the Earth is commendable! They have volunteers stationed near the disposal bins to help segregate the waste and Sadhu x3 to all the volunteers!

Having enjoyed your meals that satisfy your physical body, pls don't forget to visit the Free Book Distribution booth located beside the Leshan Buddha this year that has numerous priceless gems that satisfies your spiritual mind too! :-) And do bring along your own recycled bag to carry the gems back!:-)


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

I am really looking forward to this Sunny! We will be going tomorrow to check it out! Can't wait!

Good post!

Laura Ng said...

hi sunny, what time does the food fair starts?

Sunny said...

Hi Laura,
I guess ard 10am shd be quite safe though was informed the Sun event starts from 9am-5pm.
But if you go there at 5pm, I doubt there will be any left based on past year experience.

Hope you will enjoy as much as I do. :-)


Sunny said...

Aiyo Luke,
Why Wait?
Hope you have a good time there!


val said...

hi Sunny

when is the veg food fair held this yr 2011?


Sunny said...

Hi Val,
It is usually held just weeks before Vesak Day so likely to be around May if the tradition continues.
I will likely post on "Activities for consideration" as the event approaches.:-)

Good week ahead!:-)