Friday, May 21, 2010

Yi Xing Cuisine

I saw some patrons ordered their Hor Fun which looked reasonable well-fried and yet wanted something other than plain Hor-Fun. Recalling that there had been a few online comments that some of Yi Xing Cuisine's dishes were saltish. Deciding that since it is famous in that aspect, I should try something that needs a spark of saltiness for flavour. Hence I ordered and glad that they have it: Black bean sauced Hor Fun!

The Black beans (Dou Si) are not always available in some stalls so I was quite happy when they are available. For the plate that I had, the fried Hor-fun was quite fragrantly fried & soft & chewy, standard exceeding my expectations, and well-absorbing the black bean gravy which was well cooked. It was a good match! :-) And adding some of their in-house chilli paste & chilli slices, yummy!

It is located at HDB behind Bishan CPF building & Library, steps away from S11 coffee shop: 505A Bishan Street 11 #01-440 Singapore 570505.

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