Wednesday, May 28, 2008

滴水坊 "Waterdrop" Teahouse

This teahouse is located within the new 佛光山 Fo Guang Shan building (level 3) at Punggol. It serves a range of beverages from Hot & Cold Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices. Currently it offers 5 types of snacks at $2 per plate.:-)
I ordered its lemonade soft drink (was surprised that it came with real lemon slices ;-)) and "Golden Triangle Sandwich" which is well-toasted wholemeal bread (crunchy!!!) with filling of corn, mushroom slices, vegn ham cubes & is abit Cheesy. Nice!!!:-)

Its other snack "Crispy Veg. Sliced Chicken" caught my attention. It is fried slices of marinated ginger with pieces of mock chicken. No regrets ordering it, Ginger lovers will love it!!! They are well marinated (taste like 宫保 Gongbao sauce) & both the ginger slices & mock chicken are very chewy, I feel like I am tasting those 腊肠, 腊肉 chinese smoked sausage & bacon that we used to eat during Chinese New Year. The Gingers are really hot & fantastic. You can feel the heat generated that warms your stomach & body. It is so tasty that we couldn't stop ourselves from finishing it. However, it will be too heaty if one finishes alone so share with your friends & relatives.:-) Must try!!!

I heard that they also serve lunch once their kitchen renovation is ready... More to look forward to by the Punggol residents.:-)

The building is just 5-10 mins walk from Punggol MRT (
You may find out more info from their web:


David (AKK) said...

Thank you Sunny for visiting 滴水坊,
I'm David, A full time Chef there...

Thanks for your compliments & glad you are enjoyed with the snacks & drinks...

Yes... you're right, one of our taiwanese snack called 如意手扒 (fried Ginger)very popular among our devotees in 佛光山。

For your information, We would start serving lunch by mid of june... we serve several taiwanese & local delight, eg rice, noodles snacks & mini steamboat.

Hope to see you again Sunny :)

Sunny said...

Hi David,
Thanks :-)
We look forward to your lunch delights...


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I finally went there yesterday. I like the Teahouse and the price is at a very reasonable price.

Cheers :)