Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eight Immortals (Great World City Food Junction)

Wow, 2nd Vegetarian Stall that I noticed at Food Junction!!!!
I am so glad that Food Junction is also having more Vegetarian stalls in its outlets.:-)
Located at a corner besides Mr Prata, this Eight Immortals stall also sells mixed rice dishes as well as Ala-carte dishes such as Fried rice, Prawn Noodles, Dumplings and Fish & Chips!!!!
I was rather tempted to try its Fish & Chips (next time I will:-)) but as was craving for something soupy, I decided to try its Mini-pot Tom Yam.
It turns out to be a good portion of almost overflowing soup with generous portion of mock prawn & meat. The soup is tasty, abit sweet but not sour & spicy enough for me:P. Also, I would have prefered them using another type of mock flour prawn rather than those rubbery type of mock prawns though. Nevertheless, overall it is still quite nice if you are not one who can take spicy food. I am so glad to see I think the 1st vegetarian stall for years in Great World City food court.:-)

It is located at Food Junction at Great World City Basement 1, corner stall besides Mr Prata.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...


From the photo, the stall look cool. Vegetarian stall @ J8 Foodcourt, is something like this.

Sunny said...

I just visited Junction 8 Foodcourt on Vesak Day and found out that it is also 8 Immortals Vegn at Food Junction serving similar food at Great World City. So, I think it is prayers heard that Food Junction also started Vegetarian stalls at its outlets.

dreamy said...

:9 I want tom yam now if my body can take it! I had bread, veggies and fruit for dinner and now i saw this..tom yam... tom yam....

Sunny said...

It is actually good to have light leave that for lunch...:P

Anonymous said...

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Sunny said...

Wow, CH, you had taken good pictures. The food looks so tempting. Is there any consideration to move the restaurant near to town so that it is more accessible to more people? Location plays a important role...

Sunny said...

Btw, I think the chef at Great World City had changed recently and the Tom Yam now really tasted like a good Tom Yam. :-)
Likewise, for other dishes :-)