Thursday, May 29, 2008


Wow, dessert at only $1.10-$2.50 and it declared itself as Vegetarian on the signboard!!!
Tao Suan at $1.10, Sesame & Almond paste at $1.40. Where to find?
It is located at hawker centre near Bedok interchange, nearer to the MRT direction. There are quite a number of dessert stalls there & that could be reason why the price is competitive...

As it was a hot day, we decided to try its cold dessert: pear with white fungus & papaya with white fungus at $1.40 each. Though the portion looked small, it is quite refreshing and just nice for a person. I prefered the pear with white fungus on left as the taste of papaya is a bit strong that spoils the taste of the dessert but it compensated with much more almond (at bottom of bowl).:-)


Anonymous said...

Hi love your blog! I'm so glad that I found it because I've just turned vegetarian myself. Do you know of any stalls at Buona Vista near the Civil Service College area? I have to go there for a course soon and I'm hoping I don't have to starve through the lunch break! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you & Welcome!!!
It's great to know another vegetarian. :-)
I am not familiar with that area but you could refer to the list from VSS web & search under Buona Vista MRT:

And on right bottom column of my blog under my favourite links, you can find other vegetarian related blog/sites that you can referenced to. I think has 2 buona vista posts that you can refer to.
If you like cooking, you must read recipe blog by :-)

If you find any nice food to recommend, do let us know.:-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, good blog ... thanks for sharing and post it here ... Give me some good idea where to have good vegg food .. :p
Btw theres one stall at bedok centre opposite NTUC theres one coffee shop veggie stall selling Yang Tuofu .. Perhaps you could go check it out .
W/Metta !

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
Glad it helps.
Thanks for the feedback, I will keep that vege stall in mind.:-)