Saturday, May 24, 2008

Soon Lee Vegetarian (Near Red Hill MRT Hawker Centre)

This is one of the pioneer vegetarian stalls that sells a variety of vegetarian food (burgers, western food, dry noodles, kway chap etc) besides traditional standard vegetarian mee hoon.

The special of the day is Fish Soup Mee Hoon.

Nice!!! With thick pieces of bean-curb skin mock fish (hard to find nowadays as more are using another type of mock fish:-(), caixin, thin pieces of fried toufu, mock fish cakes & seaweed, & just nice taste soup :-)

Located beside the market near RedHill MRT, it is the central corner stall at 1st stretch opposite the HDB shops.


Anonymous said...

hi, i chanced upon ur blog when looking for vege restaurants to bring my mom to for her bday.

i have this little restaurant to recommend, located at 599 Geylang Road Singapore 389538. it's called 'Yes Natural' and they serve a pretty extensive range of yummy vege dishes (:

they also have a vege bakery located just next door! their bread have the 'Q-Q' bite which i kind of love!

just some recommendations which u can try =)

thanks for setting up this blog!

a reader of ur blog

Sunny said...

Thank you for your recommendation!!! :-)
I get to know abt another Yes Natural via recently.
Not sure if they are the same outlet as both are around Geylang.
I will definitely try to visit them when around the area.:-)

Anonymous said...

oh yes, it's the same one! i think now they got ala carte dishes too, like zi char style. try the avacado milkshake, i like! pocket salad too (: hope u'll like it!

Sunny said...

Thanks !!!
Wow, looks like a lot of nice food to try there:-)

Ask said...

the food that you recommend is really yummy. do you know any teochew porridge buffets suitable for vegetarians/vegans? i do not want to eat any meat or animal oil, eggs or diary, there are "meat-eating" outlets that provide teochew porridge buffets. but i am not sure if they are "pure". any idea?
thank you.

Sunny said...

Hi Ask,
Glad that you like the recommendations:-)
For Teochew porridge, you could try at Rice House. I think they have a Teochew fish soup porridge on their menu. However, wrt Teochew porridge buffet, I have not come across.
Do share with us if you find any in future:-)