Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eight Immortals (Bishan Junction 8 Food Junction)

After Dreamy mentioned that there is a new Vegetarian stall at Bishan Junction 8 food court & Crystal commenting on the environment, I decided not to miss it when I stopby Bishan. It's been ages since I last been to the food court with same reasons as Crystals:P. When I realised that the food court operator is Food Junction, I guessed that it could be Eight Immortals, just like Great World City's.
Indeed, it is Eight Immortals & they have the same menu. I decided immediately to try their Fish & Chips which looked appetising.
(The picture was taken with the green grasses & white pebbles decor that Crystals commented earlier :P.)

They were served with a generous portion of fries, baked beans, some cucumbers & chilli/tomato sauce with 2 slices of mock fish. The mock fish exterior were well fried with a good coat of flour/bread crumbs. However, was disappointed that the mock fish was not those beancurb skin type of mock fish but another type of bean-based mock meat & very thin layer so it tasted not like fish & chip but maybe more like another type of western food : fried pork chop (thinner version).
Nevertheless, ignoring the name, it is still worth trying as fried/western food.:-)

However, that reminds me of the vegetarian fish & chips that I used to have at Suntec City's Sky Garden's vegetarian cafe (I think is called Kingsland if I recall correctly) a couple of years ago. I wonder where they have moved to:-( Sure miss their Hor Fun, Tom Yam & Fish & chips... :P

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dreamy said...

Wow! You went! Next time you go muz try the yong tau fu :)