Thursday, May 29, 2008


Wow, dessert at only $1.10-$2.50 and it declared itself as Vegetarian on the signboard!!!
Tao Suan at $1.10, Sesame & Almond paste at $1.40. Where to find?
It is located at hawker centre near Bedok interchange, nearer to the MRT direction. There are quite a number of dessert stalls there & that could be reason why the price is competitive...

As it was a hot day, we decided to try its cold dessert: pear with white fungus & papaya with white fungus at $1.40 each. Though the portion looked small, it is quite refreshing and just nice for a person. I prefered the pear with white fungus on left as the taste of papaya is a bit strong that spoils the taste of the dessert but it compensated with much more almond (at bottom of bowl).:-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

滴水坊 "Waterdrop" Teahouse

This teahouse is located within the new 佛光山 Fo Guang Shan building (level 3) at Punggol. It serves a range of beverages from Hot & Cold Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices. Currently it offers 5 types of snacks at $2 per plate.:-)
I ordered its lemonade soft drink (was surprised that it came with real lemon slices ;-)) and "Golden Triangle Sandwich" which is well-toasted wholemeal bread (crunchy!!!) with filling of corn, mushroom slices, vegn ham cubes & is abit Cheesy. Nice!!!:-)

Its other snack "Crispy Veg. Sliced Chicken" caught my attention. It is fried slices of marinated ginger with pieces of mock chicken. No regrets ordering it, Ginger lovers will love it!!! They are well marinated (taste like 宫保 Gongbao sauce) & both the ginger slices & mock chicken are very chewy, I feel like I am tasting those 腊肠, 腊肉 chinese smoked sausage & bacon that we used to eat during Chinese New Year. The Gingers are really hot & fantastic. You can feel the heat generated that warms your stomach & body. It is so tasty that we couldn't stop ourselves from finishing it. However, it will be too heaty if one finishes alone so share with your friends & relatives.:-) Must try!!!

I heard that they also serve lunch once their kitchen renovation is ready... More to look forward to by the Punggol residents.:-)

The building is just 5-10 mins walk from Punggol MRT (
You may find out more info from their web:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Soon Lee Vegetarian (Near Red Hill MRT Hawker Centre)

This is one of the pioneer vegetarian stalls that sells a variety of vegetarian food (burgers, western food, dry noodles, kway chap etc) besides traditional standard vegetarian mee hoon.

The special of the day is Fish Soup Mee Hoon.

Nice!!! With thick pieces of bean-curb skin mock fish (hard to find nowadays as more are using another type of mock fish:-(), caixin, thin pieces of fried toufu, mock fish cakes & seaweed, & just nice taste soup :-)

Located beside the market near RedHill MRT, it is the central corner stall at 1st stretch opposite the HDB shops.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eight Immortals (Bishan Junction 8 Food Junction)

After Dreamy mentioned that there is a new Vegetarian stall at Bishan Junction 8 food court & Crystal commenting on the environment, I decided not to miss it when I stopby Bishan. It's been ages since I last been to the food court with same reasons as Crystals:P. When I realised that the food court operator is Food Junction, I guessed that it could be Eight Immortals, just like Great World City's.
Indeed, it is Eight Immortals & they have the same menu. I decided immediately to try their Fish & Chips which looked appetising.
(The picture was taken with the green grasses & white pebbles decor that Crystals commented earlier :P.)

They were served with a generous portion of fries, baked beans, some cucumbers & chilli/tomato sauce with 2 slices of mock fish. The mock fish exterior were well fried with a good coat of flour/bread crumbs. However, was disappointed that the mock fish was not those beancurb skin type of mock fish but another type of bean-based mock meat & very thin layer so it tasted not like fish & chip but maybe more like another type of western food : fried pork chop (thinner version).
Nevertheless, ignoring the name, it is still worth trying as fried/western food.:-)

However, that reminds me of the vegetarian fish & chips that I used to have at Suntec City's Sky Garden's vegetarian cafe (I think is called Kingsland if I recall correctly) a couple of years ago. I wonder where they have moved to:-( Sure miss their Hor Fun, Tom Yam & Fish & chips... :P

Rice House 粥大王

Had a wonderful lunch at Rice House, tried its new snacks: Beet Root Mushroom Roll, its Signature mushroom minced meat hand-made noodles & another new noodles: Spicy Tomato Soup Noodles.
The exterior is crispy with soft interior. The mushroom is nice but don't recall tasting beet root, nevertheless, nice & I would think reasonably priced at $3 for 3 pieces of sizes of normal fried springroll.:-)
This is their house signature hand-made noodles. Well-marinated sesame oil & soy & mushroom sauce? noodles that tasted much like the White Jade Noodles. One of my favourite dishes there:-)
My friend tried their new dish, the Spicy Tomato Soup noodles. I tasted the soup & find its taste unique like miso had been added to it, more saltish than spicy taste but my friend likes it and finds the noodles tasty. From the picture, the noodles do look nice:-)

They are located at Blk 129 Geylang East ave 1, beside Foo Hai Chan Monastery & Opposite Sims Ville Condo. May alight at 2nd bus stop from Aljunied MRT & walk further up & turn left to Monastery direction.
They are closed on Monday.
Tel: 6747 3739

Ci Hang Western & Chinese Vegetarian Fast Food

I noticed that Ci Hang likes to use the White Jade Noodles for its noodles. This round I tried its 香菇卤面 Mushroom Noodles which is different from local, more to Taiwanese style. The gravy tasted good with its well-cooked noodles, not saltish & not too plain with good portion of mushroom & crunchy fried mock minced meat (those near the red cut chilli).

It is located at 72 Lorong 25-A Geylang, at stretch of shophouses besides Aljunied MRT.
Tel: 6747 1229. Closed on Fridays.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ci Hang Western & Chinese Vegetarian Fast Food

Located at a shophouse near Aljunied MRT station, as the name suggests, this vegetarian cafe serves western fast food (burgers, pizzas, pastas) as well as Chinese vegetarian (I would think more Taiwanese style) . It has daily organic brown rice set as well as special of the day among its menu.

Today, I tried its special of the day: 上海拉面 Shanghai Noodles which is actually 白玉面 (a type of noodles known as White Jade noodles bec it looked white & smooth after cooking) cooked dry with some gravy accompanied with some slim slices of mock meat (bean based) and abundance of very green organic vege (TouMiao).

Unlike its other dishes on menu which are generally strong in flavouring, it is very simple & plain, very green & raw & gives a very organic feel:P. The noodles are well-cooked but gravy too little & plain so I added its chilli sauce which tasted well with the noodles:-) Nevertheless, a refreshing dish for a change if you feel like eating something green & fresh.:-)

Personally, I like their Tom Yam Fried Rice & Fried Bean Curb Rolls.:-)

It is located at 72 Lorong 25-A Geylang, at stretch of shophouses besides Aljunied MRT.

Tel: 6747 1229. Closed on Fridays.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eight Immortals (Great World City Food Junction)

Wow, 2nd Vegetarian Stall that I noticed at Food Junction!!!!
I am so glad that Food Junction is also having more Vegetarian stalls in its outlets.:-)
Located at a corner besides Mr Prata, this Eight Immortals stall also sells mixed rice dishes as well as Ala-carte dishes such as Fried rice, Prawn Noodles, Dumplings and Fish & Chips!!!!
I was rather tempted to try its Fish & Chips (next time I will:-)) but as was craving for something soupy, I decided to try its Mini-pot Tom Yam.
It turns out to be a good portion of almost overflowing soup with generous portion of mock prawn & meat. The soup is tasty, abit sweet but not sour & spicy enough for me:P. Also, I would have prefered them using another type of mock flour prawn rather than those rubbery type of mock prawns though. Nevertheless, overall it is still quite nice if you are not one who can take spicy food. I am so glad to see I think the 1st vegetarian stall for years in Great World City food court.:-)

It is located at Food Junction at Great World City Basement 1, corner stall besides Mr Prata.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

园香素食 Yuan Xiang Vegetarian

This is tasty but oily sinful:P. The Kway Teow is well fried & soft to bite but you can feel your mouth so oily after. The chilli is great. But maybe I am spoilt by the other stalls? I always feel that I do not have the "full" sensation after finishing their food. This cost $3 & I won't mind paying another $0.50 more for them to increase their portion....:P Best to go there with friends & share other side-dishes...

The stall is located at the food centre just opposite Bras Basah Complex.

八仙素食 (Koufu - Toa Payoh central)

One of my favourite Ngian Toufu stall. It has quite a variety to choose from with mock meat filling. The soup comes with a slight herbal taste & if you choose to eat it dry, they are generous with the sweet sauce as you can see in the picture. You must stop them in time if you are not such a sweet person :-)
The foodcourt is located above NTUC opposite OCBC bank at 2nd level.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vesak@Orchard 2552 Vegetarian Food Fair

You still have a chance on 11th May, Sunday up to 5pm to sample the following:

Vegetarian Pineapple rice, I think it is nice when warm but tasted average after turning cold. But its chilli is great:-) Would have wanted to try its Mee-siam from same stall, looked tasty.
Wow, vegetarian satay, I forgot to try this after walking 1 round:p, just too many good food to choose from.

Assorted Sushi set $7 & $8 respectively. Comes with small packet of soya sauce, wasabi & even prickled ginger. Must try!!! Their $6 Mango & Avocado Sushi set couldn't meet the demand...
Saw Kwan Inn Vegn Food's famous laksa at the food fair again, what an aroma when you passby the stall:-)
There is also the famous rice dumplings from Bright Hill temple and many others. Wish I have the stomach capacity to try all of them :P
The stall vendors contain a mixture from vegetarian eatery places or restaurants as well as volunteers from various Buddhist societies so you may only get to try them during Vegetarian Food Fair.

Vegetarian Food Fair @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, last day: 11th May, 10am to 5pm. Do arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Just Green Vegetarian Food (Takashimaya Food Court)

I dropby Orchard to see how's the preparation for tomorrow's Vesak Day Celebration event at Orchard's Ngee Ann City (10th & 11th May), so the nearest vegetarian choice would be Takashimaya's Food court to settle my dinner.

Instead of letting you to choose your own pieces of Ngian Toufu, they came as a prefix set. Sometimes, it is good not to have a choice. The traditional Ngian Toufu pieces can all be found: the red chilli, beancurb, fried beancurb, bittergourd with fillings, & gigantic fishball. Surprisingly the mock meat filling in the bittergourd taste good & the fishball is not as rubbery as expected. Sometimes, simple is nice.
So, if you arrive too late to enjoy the nice Vegetarian food in the Vesak Day Food & Fun fair located at the Ngee Ann City Square, you may head for its Basement 1 food court. But must support the Vegetarian Food Fair 1st, ok?!!!!