Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ci Hang Western & Chinese Vegetarian Fast Food

That's a sunny day & the nearest air-conditioned vegetarian place to have our "hi-tea" would be Ci Hang which is air-conditioned. However, was tempted to have an early dinner instead & I managed to try two of my favourite dishes there - Tom Yam Fried Rice & Fried Bean curb skin rolls. Ok, sorry, they don't look nice in presentation but tasted certainly better than the look.:P

It's pity the Tom Yam flavour of the Fried rice this round was not as strong a flavour as it used to be or I could had better enjoyed the meal. The bean curb skin roll tasted still as good & the centre plate of chilli had the most authentic resemblance of a good chicken rice chilli that we requested for a second plate for dip. :-)

But what made the food more palatable is the great company, a good reunion session.:-)

It is located at Lorong 25-A Geylang, along 1st stretch of shop-houses besides Aljunied MRT.
Tel: 6747 1229. Closed on Fridays.

Yuan Yuan Vegetarian (缘缘素食斋)

Sad! Ceased Operation...
Oh Yes, finally Yuan Yuan Vegetarian reopened after its renovation from a coffee shop to an air-conditioned place. Visited it for lunch & again ordered our all time favourite Green curry. Though color not as green as last seen, taste still authentic & ingredients much increased with more bean curb pieces being added to the mushroom, cauliflowers and baby corns.
Another new dish we tried is their Spicy Chilli Brinjal dish which I would strongly recommend for spicy lovers. The brinjals smooth & soft & the spicy sauce was simply superb to complement their brown rice. Yummy!

It is located at a competitive place, #45 Geylang Lor 27, at a corner coffeeshop on 2nd stretch of shophouses from Aljunied MRT, beside the HeJi Bao coffeshop or bus stop of Aljunied MRT. Same stretch as Yes Natural but nearer to main road. Including it, there are 2 vegetarian cafe & 3 vegetarian stalls just along 2 stretch of shophouses from Aljunied MRT.
It rests on Monday, opens fr 10.30am to 10pm.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NutriHub the organic fusion cafe

Oh Yes, Long time not been to Nutrihub & signal received for the day that I need some healthy food so here I am to try the long absented healthy brown rice set of Nutrihub.
Yummy Buckwheat brown rice with pumpkin (abit cold which could had tasted better if warm), fresh caixin & carrot salad with unique tasty sauce.:-) And the weird taste 5/7 bean/grain soup which supposedly should be very nutritious.:P

Feel very healthy but still hungry after the meal. :P

Good for those on diet which I suppose I should be going on one soon , sob:-}, longtime no see friend commented that I look more "prosperous" again.;-PP

So sad Nutrihub moved away from Orchard to new address at 46 Temple street near Chinatown MRT from mid Jun 2011....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Xiu Yuan Good Food Cafe

Visited Bugis area & S has craving for Dry noodles and in good mood to try vegetarian version as well. So I brought her to Fortune Centre & we found Vegetarian Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles and Zha Jiang Noodles on the new vendor, Xiu Yuan' s menu.
The red bowl contained the Vegetarian Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles, noodles well cooked, smooth & gravy nice with fragrant slices of mushroom, phew, passed the test of S who is a dry noodles lover.
The Zha Jiang Noodles' gravy and mock ingredients was saltish as required & went well with the Lamian, but in comparison, we prefer the slim noodles used in the Vegetarian Mushroom Minced Meat to the Lamian used in the Zha Jiang Mian. This shop does also sell a great variety of dishes just like its neighbor, Pine Tree Cafe.

(I was told Xiu Yuan had just replaced Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food about a month plus while Piao Xiang had moved to level1, #01-01, near the entrance. As it maintained similar old setting & has similar menu as Piao Xiang, one could hardly notice the change of owners.)

It is located at 190 Middle Road, #03-03 (Fortune Centre), Singapore 188979
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 8.30am - 8.30pm, last order