Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NutriHub the organic fusion cafe

Oh Yes, Long time not been to Nutrihub & signal received for the day that I need some healthy food so here I am to try the long absented healthy brown rice set of Nutrihub.
Yummy Buckwheat brown rice with pumpkin (abit cold which could had tasted better if warm), fresh caixin & carrot salad with unique tasty sauce.:-) And the weird taste 5/7 bean/grain soup which supposedly should be very nutritious.:P

Feel very healthy but still hungry after the meal. :P

Good for those on diet which I suppose I should be going on one soon , sob:-}, longtime no see friend commented that I look more "prosperous" again.;-PP

So sad Nutrihub moved away from Orchard to new address at 46 Temple street near Chinatown MRT from mid Jun 2011....

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