Monday, October 26, 2009

Cafe Salivation

Whenever friends want suggestions on a nice cosy place for gathering, Cafe Salivation is always 1st on my list of recommendation, and it has indeed become my favourite gathering place with friends over the past months.
Their Stuffed Potato Skins, which is baked potato with its rich cheese, tomatoes and unique tomato sauce (with a certain spark of spiciness) is a must try for potato and tomato lovers.

This beautifully presented plate of Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich was recommended by my Little India guide and indeed is tasty. The cheesy fillings for the sandwich with sauteed button mushrooms, capsicum is like biting into a delicious pizza bread. Love their fries of the right thickness.

Their Mediterranean Pizza is light & also delicious, and unique with broccoli added to it.

And their Gratin a la Verdure with rich cheese on baked Penna pasta served with mushrooms, broccoli, red chilli and slightly spicy tomato sauce is my favourite. :-)

Perfect dinner ends with a piece of beautiful Raspberry Chocolate cake with great company.

This is certainly a place for those who love cheese and tomatoes.
Their service is also good, making it a great environment to relax and dine with friends.
I am glad that so far positive feedback had been received from non-vegetarian friends and they had commented that they would bring their friends to patronise the cafe again.:-)

The Cafe used to be located at 75 Syed Alwi Road, now moved to 176 Race Course Road Singapore 218607. Tel: 6298 1412. It used to have pink cosy theme, hopefully the new shop is as cosy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

NutriHub the organic fusion cafe

It is really amazing that brown rice can be played around to give different flavour & taste. They have different daily brown rice set that not only combines different type of vegetables, but also variety in brown rice combinations such as mushroom brown rice, pumpkin brown rice, etc.
Currently, in support of Health Promotion Board's Whole Grain food Promotion (Oct & Nov09), they are giving 10% discount from their Brown Rice meal and Wholemeal Sandwich.
It is certainly a good Choice of healthier version of diet at Orchard area.

The cafe is located at Cuppage Plaza, #B2-25 (behind OG Orchard, near Centrepoint).

Opening hours:- Monday to Saturday (10 am to 7 pm)
Enquiries: 67382746

慈缘轩 (Ci Yan Xuan) Chinatown

The weather had been extremely hot this few days in Singapore and nothings beats having something cold & refreshing, so far my favourite vegetarian cold noodles is from Ci Yan Xuan.

Made a call to find out its menu for the day & the friendly recorded message proudly announced that Cold Noodles is on Today's menu and that further motivated me to visit Chinatown in the hot weather. It is indeed not a wasted trip. The noodles are so refreshingly cooked and though the gravy somehow does not taste as strong of almond as of last visit, it's just a small deduction point to the overall plate of delicacy. Try it when it is next on menu again if you visit the area.

Address: 8 Smith Street (shophouse near end of Food Street)

Tel: 6225 9026 (If you want to confirm menu of the day:P)

Usual Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yi Xing Cuisine

Replacing BB Home Sweet Home Cafe is this new outlet known as Yi Xing Cuisine, which though has same Chinese character as the Yi Xin Vegetarian at Chinatown, serves similar menu as BB Home Sweet Home Cafe. The price ranges from $3-$5 for the noodles and its main dishes from $8.
I decided to try its Black-pepper sauce Fried Udon $4 which the black pepper had previously captivated me at the same shop. Was surprised with the speed it was served, even faster than the rice served under the old cafe.
It was a nice plate of fried udon with strong black-pepper taste well-done with nicely shredded vegetables and generous portion of mushroom. Worth trying if you visit the shop next round and a black pepper lover. :-)
It is located at HDB behind Bishan CPF building & Library, steps away from S11 coffee shop: 505A Bishan Street 11 #01-440 Singapore 570505.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Eight Immortals (Great World City Food Junction)

So so sad - - Their outlet at Great World City stopped operation

Saw the promotional poster on the Vegetarian Fish & chips & decided to give it a new try under the new chef. Greatly pleased with the dish! The 2 slices of vegetarian fish & chips though did not look very pleasing tasted quite good. Of course, no fishy taste (just ignore the name & treat it as western food without attachment to its name) & I love its exterior breaded texture.

And a surprise in its side dishes, the salad that came with it is a great complement. Generous portion of tomatoes, cucumber and fresh pineapple (unique idea to add in & refreshing in taste) cubes and with their generous portion of salad cream & chilli sauce to go with, one feel so pampered.

If the baked bean served was served lukewarm rather than cold, it would be even more superb. I think it is really value for money at $5.:-)

Also a new item on its menu is Vegetarian Shark's Fin at $6. I decided to try this premium dish often found only in restaurants and see how this foodcourt version fare.
Well, its main ingredients used were shreds of beancurb skin and taupok & black fungus. The shreds were abit too hugh in my opinion. There were also traces of the mock shark's fin, very much like those glass noodles but in similar shapes like shark's fin. Vinegar was pre-added as I ordered for take-away & the starch added was not as thick so it tasted to me more like the Sichuan Sour and Spicy soup which is also a delicacy soup that I liked. Overall taste reasonable and a nice soup to share with family & friends.

It is located at Food Junction at Great World City Basement 1, corner stall besides Mr Prata.