Monday, October 26, 2009

Cafe Salivation

Whenever friends want suggestions on a nice cosy place for gathering, Cafe Salivation is always 1st on my list of recommendation, and it has indeed become my favourite gathering place with friends over the past months.
Their Stuffed Potato Skins, which is baked potato with its rich cheese, tomatoes and unique tomato sauce (with a certain spark of spiciness) is a must try for potato and tomato lovers.

This beautifully presented plate of Mushroom and Cheese Sandwich was recommended by my Little India guide and indeed is tasty. The cheesy fillings for the sandwich with sauteed button mushrooms, capsicum is like biting into a delicious pizza bread. Love their fries of the right thickness.

Their Mediterranean Pizza is light & also delicious, and unique with broccoli added to it.

And their Gratin a la Verdure with rich cheese on baked Penna pasta served with mushrooms, broccoli, red chilli and slightly spicy tomato sauce is my favourite. :-)

Perfect dinner ends with a piece of beautiful Raspberry Chocolate cake with great company.

This is certainly a place for those who love cheese and tomatoes.
Their service is also good, making it a great environment to relax and dine with friends.
I am glad that so far positive feedback had been received from non-vegetarian friends and they had commented that they would bring their friends to patronise the cafe again.:-)

The Cafe used to be located at 75 Syed Alwi Road, now moved to 176 Race Course Road Singapore 218607. Tel: 6298 1412. It used to have pink cosy theme, hopefully the new shop is as cosy.


A veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

I like the Pink Decor :)

Lately, there is UFeatures about Food in Little India, talks about how to eat Indian Vegetarian Food too. Very informative.

Your post make me feel like going to Little India now ...

Cheers crystal

Sunny said...

Haha, the street leading to the cafe actually has many vegetarian cafe & restaurant which looks interesting to explore.
Would like to try the Indian vegetarian too.:-)