Monday, October 31, 2016

Bishan Vegetarian

Nice vegetarian Fish soup with Meehoon in clear soup.
Thumbs up! :-)

Stall is located at cafeteria above Bishan bus interchange. It closes on Sunday.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Their flavourful Signature Oriental Udon! Nice! 
Hokkaido Miso Ramen with pumpkin taste instead of miso taste to me but I like the soup and ramen was smooth,  will return for it again.  :-)
Provence Tempura Mushroom ~ well fried and good portion!  :-)

It is located, 153, Ranchord Road, 188428.
( Near McDonald at Bugis village )

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

五福林 Vegetarian (Bishan)

Today decided to make a change and walked extra miles to S11 Bishan 504 Food court (coffee shop behind Bishan Junction 8/library after field ). :-p
Good variety and portion of economical rice dishes they offer that glutton me could not resist to order.
Well, definitely will return to try more of their stir fry dishes too...

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Was craving for Pizza and saw a post on Vegetarian society's Facebook praising Hotcakes' pizza. So that's on my mind throughout the day once I decided to visit Hotcakes for dinner. :-0
So happy I made the visit, the new squarish pizza cut into small pieces to facilitate eating and sharing has improved base crust texture from my memory of last visit. It is a good 8 inch pizza that is nice size for a big eater who is hungry. :-)  An enjoyable meal...:-))

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant 

First visit to Miao Yi after it moved to People's Park centre.Some old and new dishes tried...
Vegetarian Curry Fish head...nice gravy for the rice...:-)
 Appetizing sweet & sour dish...
 I like this new dish's gravy.Nice! Claypot Monkey-head mushroom!
Chinese style non spicy tofu goreng!  Love it!

It is now located at #03-32, People's Park centre.
(Directly opposite Chinatown Point )
Tel: 64671331/1511

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mei Jing Vegetarian Food

Having breakfast either fried Meehoon/kwaytiao/meetaimak with their braised bean curd knots with gravy makes one feel blessed...

Mei Jing Vegetarian stall #01-76, is located at the Beo Crescent market's food centre just in-front of Blk 40 Havelock Road, 2 streets away from Tiong Bahru Plaza. It opens early around 7am to 3pm daily and rests on Sunday.

Greendot (Nex Mall)

Their Laksa had always won praises so finally tried it this week. 
I found many mock seafood balls in it which it could be instead renamed as Vegetarian Seafood laksa instead of Shiitake Mushroom Laksa which I could only find one mushroom cut into a few portions in the bowl I had.
Well, the gravy was good but it tasted more towards curry instead of  laksa ...
Nevertheless,  overall it tasted good and up to individual to decide if it is worth paying for.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


A small vegetarian cafe, a franchisee of O' Bean cafe, had  opened opposite Bugis OG.
Due to limitation of space, it has less choices than its main outlet and was recommended this dry noodles,  " Pepper Dry Ramen " as its popular dish by staff there.
Ordered that and it is real big bowl with comparatively small lump of ramen... :-p
However, the ramen was well cooked and smooth and Q!!! They have choice of percentage of spiciness~ 25%,50%,75%,.etc.
75% is just nice spiciness for chilli lover like myself.
Will be choice to visit if I have craving for dry noodles again and test their 100% spiciness.:-)

Located at 180 Bencoolen Street, 
#01-03, Spore 189647. TEL: 62525122