Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fo Xin Vegetarian Stall at S11, Bishan

When I visit the stall, I used to be rushing for time & will always order the faster to be served & easier to eat dish. That day, I had slightly more time before my next appointment, and decided to have a nice bowl of hot vegetarian fish soup mee hoon.

A nice choice made, I love their slim mee hoon which tasted smooth! (that means the vendor takes the extra effort to soak in cold water which is a simple & yet important step which not all vendors would do it!) One can see the generous variety & portion of ingredients and the soup is sweetened with milk added to it (the milk used gave it a strong aroma diff from other stalls, I must peep at the brand & type of milk they use next time:P).
Sorry, vegans, this is not suitable for you but you may ask for clear soup instead:-)
The stall is located at S11, at a HDB block just behind Bishan Library/CPF Building

Thursday, September 17, 2009

一心素食, Chinatown

In most recent visit to Yixin, their most recent dessert addition is the cold Funori.
It reminds me of the green tea jelly which used to be on the menu of Classic Lao Di Fang at its initial years of operation.
Unlike my Agar Agar Funori, their texture tasted much softer and springy, very refreshing! The fishy smell of funori was also well covered by the sweet red dates & brown/coconut sugar (sorry I can't really differentiate the exact taste) and they had blend it so well that you hardly find any traces of funori. Either to be known as funori or red dates jelly, it is a nice dessert. :-) Do try it when you visit the area...:-)

Located at a coffeeshop at 39 Temple Street, the shop is just near centre of street opp Lucky Chinatown.
Opening hours: 8am to 10pm daily

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vegetarian Stall at Singtel Comcentre Cafeteria

A new try on their Tuesday special: Vegetarian Roast Duck rice.

The vegetarian duck was those mock duck from bean products (not gluten :-)) and coated with a layer of flour which when fried became crispy & unique in taste. And it was served with Yam Rice! Very value for money at $2.50. :-)

This stall is located at Basement 1 of cafeteria of Singtel Comcentre at Sommerset.
No name ( just known as stall m ) but easily located when you visit the cafeteria, entering from door leading to car-park.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eight Immortals (Millenia Walk Koufu Food Court)

There is another hidden foodcourt at 2nd level of Millenia Walk, hidden in the jungle of Harvey Norman (from center escalator, turn right & left). It is much smaller & less known in comparsion to Suntec City's to the shoppers but I guess people working around the Suntec area would know about it. And in it, another Eight Immortals' vegetarian stall. :-)

Found that they had quite reasonably priced economical rice which the price list mentioned 3 vege at $2.80 if I recalled correctly. However, I am always attracted by soup dishes, so I ordered their herbal mutton soup. The soup was nice with miso taste and came with it quite a good portion of ingredients.
This stall might be the one moved from Marina Square. I wonder if there's any new vegetarian stall replacing it at Marina Square.

The stall is located at Millenia Walk Koufu Food Court (Level2, No 9 Raffles Boulevard, S(039596), hidden at middle left of Harvey Norman.

Friday, September 11, 2009

佳明素食 (Concorde Hotel Food Court)

Yes, I am into my spicy mood again, It's Tom Yam again.
Spicy food seems to be my energy enhancer. :P

The color looks great, right? Well, it's again more of oily chilli soup rather than Tom Yam as can't really taste the sour portion of it. Neverthless, an enjoyable bowl of spicy soup despite the name. I think this stall does cook nice spicy dishes. :-)
This vegetarian stall at Orchard located at the old Le Meridian or currently already known as Concorde Hotel, about 3 streets away from Centrepoint. It is located near right turn from entrance, beside the popular Indian stall.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Miao Yin Vegetarian

Glad that this is another vegetarian stall, Miao Yin Vegetarian that took over Huan Xin Su as
a couple of vegetarian stalls like the ones at Bras Basah Complex and Bugis Food Junction that had since closed down were not replaced by Vegetarian stalls.

The stall also serves a variety of dishes including western food like Fried cutlet, snacks like breaded prawns, etc. I tried their Tom Yam which tasted more like Korean Kimchi soup with the many cabbage vegetables that comes with it. :-)

Address: Blk 1, Rocher Rd, #01-506 (Rocher centre corner coffeeshop, 2 doors away from the vegetarian cake house, opp Bugis OG, near the famous Simaru Guan Yin Temple)