Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Life Vegetarian

Rejoice, another new vegetarian stall opened at Geylang, located at the same coffee-shop as Kwan Inn Vegetarian Food.

This new stall is called Happy Life Vegetarian which sells Special menu of the day like Nasi Lemak, and Tze Char. Strongly recommend what they called as Indian Rojak but was actually the most healthiest fried food that I had taken. Instead of just flour, it was more like the Japanese version of tempura of ladyfingers, brinjal, potato, tempeh & mixed vege slices. It came surprising without dripping oil and tasted very healthy and crispy, with a light peanut sauce that was fragrant with fine peanut pieces that one won't feel heatiness unlike conventional Indian Rojak sauce. I would definitely return again for this Indian Rojak!
We also tried their Stir-fry Vermicelli and Crispy Duck. (picture taken with some Noel effect from iphone:P) The Crispy Duck had top-skin well-fried and coated just like Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant's Vegetarian Suckling Pig except the down point was the 'meat' portion was actually gluten/soya based mock meat which I would prefer to be bean-curb skin based. I like their Vermicelli, with dark sauce gravy which was well-done.
This is really a healthy non-fusion stall that I would strongly recommend. :-)

There is also a new vegetarian tenant: Loving Heart which had just taken over the Chinn Seng Restaurant on the other side of the same HDB block. Looks like it is tough competition but real blessings for vegetarian patrons around the area...
It is located at corner coffee shop at Blk134 Geylang East Ave1, #01-229, 2nd bus stop from Aljunied Mrt. Opposite Tan Swie Hian Museum. Happy Life Vegetarian is located at the left corner, inside same coffee-shop which hosted Kwan Inn Vegetarian (KIV) for those who knew KIV better. It operates from 9am-9.30pm, rests on Wednesday.


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Great :) Photo is beautiful.

Cheers :) crystal

Anonymous said...

The indian rojak looks very nice. I think the crispy duck is diff from miao yi. Is this stall inside the kwan in zai coffee shop that you posted a few times?

Hope to see more posts soon. Nice blog.

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,

Hi Anonymous,
The top layer (skin) of the Crispy duck resembles Miao Yi's vegetarian suckling pig's crispiness (which is whole coated in my memory) but not the meat portion.
Yes, the stall is inside the Kwan Inn Zhai coffee shop at right corner.
Thanks for your compliment.


Anonymous said...

Didn't notice the whole coffee shop is all vegetarian. Fantastic. But business might be tough for them. Which day they sell Nasi Lemak? How's the rojak sauce compared to Southern Palace?

The one in Geylang is called Loving Heart, and it serves different food - a variety of typical hawker centre food from Loving Hut. Not sure how much they are related. Seems to be run by the Nianci auntie - so mostly it's got those food she sells. Prices are more affordable too. The Hor Fun is great - but probably depends on who cooks it. Business was pretty good when I went there. Chinn Seng was a lot quieter every time I was there but loved their curry puffs especially.

Sunny said...

Hi Anonymous,
I was there on Sunday which I saw Nasi Lemak posted.
Had not tried Southern Palace, where is it?

Thanks for pointing out mistakened Loving Heart.:-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny

Southern Palace is at Lor 40 (or thereabout), Geylang Rd. It's been there for more than a decade already. Used to be more packed, but competition certainly is tougher in Geylang these days.

laura said...

I was at Happy Life last sunday, tried their nasi lemak, really good and value for money at $3. Then last night, I went again to try their claypot noodle, fried hongkong mee and bittergourd soup. Noodle and mee are nice but the soup so-so. Would be better if they add more bittergourd and veggies to the soup. Their service is ok so I will go back again.

As for Loving Heart, they are a real disappointment. Lousy service. Won't go there again.

Sunny said...

Hi Laura,
Good service is really important to F&B business as if service is good, even if food is average, patrons will return.
Well, just give Loving Heart a 2nd chance as the person might just had a bad day too to cause poor service.

For good service, you could try Vegsenz, one of the few vegetarian places that even one of my very service-demanding friend is satisfied with their service. :-)

Good week ahead! :-)