Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant (Coronation Shopping Plaza)

I have long heard about compliments for this vegetarian restaurant but only managed to visit it recently. My sis strongly recommended its vegn suckling pig after being there with her friends so I decided to make an effort to try it.
It is eaten with similar method like the Peking duck, using a piece of lettuce? to wrap the slice of "pork" with the special sauce and cucumber. If eaten alone, the pork will taste oily but it tasted wonderfully with the combination of vegetables.
(Vegetarian Suckling Pig)

(Salad Prawn) - I like it
(GongBao Monkeyhead mushroom)
Abit disappointed as it is more like Dark sauce rather than Gong Bao as not spicy enough & a bit too watery. The mushroom was coated with a thin layer of flour but mushroom itself was not well marinated so you can still taste its tough texture (I think the texture was similar to the frozen instant type which I bought before from supermart) .

:P I know it is not easy to cook the monkeyhead mushroom well, you need a lot of work to marinate and soften its texture. Well, I think the Best GongBao Monkeyhead Mushroom I tasted was many years ago at LingZhi. The chef then really marinated it so well that it tasted as smooth as chicken drumstick meat & I fall in love with this dish & monkeyhead mushroom ever since. A pity its standard was not maintained for my last few visits :-( I tried preparing it myself from the dried mushroom as well as the instant frozen food version but failed to get the texture close to the old Lingzhi std so I know it is not easy to prepare nice monkeyhead mushroom dish. :-( & I would always order this dish whenever I see it in the menu. If you know places that serve nice monkeyhead mushroom, do let me know:-)

(Yee Mee) - ok

(Dark sauce Fish) - ave

(Claypot Chinese Medicine- flavored Toufu)

The toufu was nicely fried & smooth however we can't really taste its Chinese medicine flavour :P Maybe it could also be bec our taste bugs were numb after tasting all the earlier dishes which were more of dark sauce flavour :P

Before we left, I noticed that its poster showed Cold Dish Combinations which look nice, maybe I wld try that next round.

Located at 587 Bukit Timah Rd Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01/02 Spore 269707

Tel: 6467 1331, 6467 1511 (It's best to call for booking 1st as it is usually packed)


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

The monkeyhead mushroom is been deep-fried prior to mixing with the gong bao sauce, that what i think how it been prepared by LingZhi.

Maybe, get the frozen monkeyhead mushroom, so skip the marminating portion.

When i am free, i tested it out. maybe by coating the frozen monkeyhead mushroom with a littleeee bitttt of flour and deep fried.

cheers :)

Sunny said...

Hi Crystal,
I think Miao Yi marinated with coating of flour & deep fried and one can taste the texture is like using the instant frozen type. Whereas in my vague memory, I think Lingzhi did not coat with flour, just the mushroom & the texture is very smooth.
I bought the dried mushroom & tried bf but cld not reach even the std of instant frozen type:P so I think some effort is needed to make it as smooth as drumstick meat. Yes, maybe you cld try & share with us the recipe if you are successful to make its texture smooth. I think besides flour, you may still need to marinate the mushroom :-)
Cheers :-)