Monday, January 21, 2008

Forks & Spoons Food Court (Toa Payoh Central)

There is actually another vegetarian stall at Toa Payoh central (between HDB hub & Courts) that I almost long forgotten. Always missed this foodcourt at a corner of TP central, 2nd level.
At $3.30, you can choose rice, meehoon or noodles with 3 side dishes with free bowl of soup. It has quite a variety of dishes such as peanut sauced seaweed, vegn satay, mock meat & fresh vege & you see long queue during lunch hour. I must compliment their free soup. The soup so far I have seen are white toufu with red dates, or cabbage with dry wolfberry which is considered well-boiled for a free version.
They also serve alarte dishes like laksa, claypot mee etc.

Located at Forks & Spoons Food court 2nd level, building beween HDB hub & Courts building

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Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I went there last Saturday, but they were not open. Guess, got to go another day.