Wednesday, January 2, 2008

佳明素食 (S11 Food court behind Centrepoint)

Thanks to Anonymous, I get to know another stall at Orchard area. :-)
Also called 佳明素食, I believe is from same franchise?
The mock mutton noodles that I mentioned earlier is known as Spicy noodles here.

(Spicy noodles)
It is a generous portion of mee with lots of vegetables. The mock mutton even has a curry flavouring. To me, the soup is not too spicy , with satay sauce flavour. In fact you feel some "Ma" or numbness of your tongue after a while, I think it has some "MaLa" ingredients in its spices. Generally, it is quite nice & unique in its way. Can try :-)

The Foodcourt is located between (behind) Centrepoint & Orchard OG. You may miss the foodcourt if you usually walk near the main road to & from the 2 shopping centres.


Edanator said...

Hey Sunny,

There's a lack of cheap veg food places near orchard road, so this tip is greatly appreciated.

(I assume it's in the building called S-11 in

More details on how to get there:
- Nearest MRT station is Somerset
- From Somerset MRT, cross Orchard Road. You are now in front of Emerald Shopping Mall
- Turn right (as seen from the MRT station)
- Walk approximately 100 m, past Peranakan Place and Centrepoint Shopping Center (CPS).
- Immediately after the CPS, turn left into Cuppage Road.
- At the end of Cuppage Road is S-11.

Disclaimer: I haven't been to this Food court myself; these directions are taken from the map at Maybe there are other, better ways to get there, but at least you'll be in the right area.

Thanks, Sunny!

Anonymous said...

sunny, another veggie place at orchard is the grand court veg restaurant. but more expensive for sure la.

Sunny said...

Thanks edanator,
I think easiest way is just walk from Orchard OG to its back. where it used to be the old foodcourt, now stood the very eye-catching OCBC bank. S11 is just opposite it.

Thanks anonymous, yes, I know Grand Court Veg restaurant.
Had been there a couple of times for gathering.
The vegetarian food it serves is like traditional chinese dishes found in normal chinese restaurants. One of the 1st few chinese vegetarian restaurants. Hope it will be able to survive the rising rental in Orchard area.

In my fade memory,it is located at building near California Fitness opp Orchard Emerald right? I think it is Orchard shopping centre. Had not been there for long while, yes, maybe cld visit it again.
Thinking abt it, I miss its potato basket & yam ring, wonder if the dishes are still there :-)